11 Hilarious Things We Overheard at CRSSD Festival

Article by: Maddie Rish|@maddie_rish

Tue October 03, 2017 | 16:08 PM

This past weekend, 15,000 glamorous festies took over downtown San Diego to celebrate the 7th edition of CRSSD, an intimate house and techno festival that always brings the party year after year.

By day, movers and groovers in bedazzled outfits descended upon Waterfront Park, a grassy, oceanside venue with blazing sunsets and classic San Diego views. By night, techno kings and queens in every shade of black gathered at San Diego’s sexiest nightclubs to dance to the sounds of their favorite DJs.

And just like always, throughout this magical festival weekend we overheard another round of hilarious mutterings by our fellow festies. Did we write them down on the dance floor? Yes, we did. Did we write them down at the after parties? For sure. Did we write them down in line at Richie Hawtin’s Sake Bar? You better believe it.

Here are some of our favorite things we overheard at CRSSD Festival 2017.

Overheard in the crowd at the City Steps stage:

[On festival nostalgia]

“This feels like LIB all over again.

Crssd Festival 2017 Julian Bajsel    16 Of 25

Overheard in crowd of people:

[On the topic of unfortunate festival traditions]

Crowd of people chanting "Woo woo!" to the beat of the music.

Guy in crowd: “You guys, the ‘woo woo’ cannot be a thing anymore. Who do we talk to about stopping the ‘woo woo!’”

Overheard at the fountain:

"I have 11 great ideas but I am confident that three of them will change the world."

Overheard in line at the bar:

[On switching things up]

“I think I’m going to pay more attention to alcohol today.”

Crssd Festival 2017 Julian Bajsel    16 Of 25

Overheard in line for sushi:

[On moving to the beat]

“I swear, I could feel my stomach digesting to the beat of Dixon’s set. Has that ever happened to you?”

Overheard the hotel lobby:

[On internal conflict]

Guy 1: “Dude! I found you an after party ticket!”

Guy 2: “Ugh, but I’m already in pasta mode…”

Crssd Festival 2017 Felicia Garcia    1 Of 18

Overheard in the hotel elevator:

“We told these girls in the lobby that Rufus is playing a surprise after party with Richie and they lost their shit.”

Overheard at entrance of festival:

[On learning from past mistakes]

“Allison, no vodka this time. Tyler, more vodka this time. Alright, let’s go.”

Overheard at Solardo:

"I need to relearn how to walk again."

A beautiful reunion:

Three guys walking up to a friend at the Palms Stage: “Yo! Jason! We’ve been looking for you for hours dude.”

Jason: Uh, I’ve been looking for me for hours…

Crssd Festival 2017 Julian Bajsel    16 Of 25

Overheard while leaving the festival:

[On transitioning back to reality after the festival]

“I hope we don’t have to talk to anyone in the hotel elevator.”

Overheard during Richie Hawtin’s set:

[On praising a legend]

Dancing guy looks up at his friends: “Ok, now I get it.”