20 Awesome Photos That Showcase the World’s Most Transformative Festivals

Article by: Marcus Barnes|@mgoldenbarnes

Tue August 29, 2017 | 11:45 AM

There's no doubt that the amount of love, care and attention that goes into many of the world's festival deserves a whole lot of reciprocation. All over Planet Earth there are people building communities based on pure ideals and encouraging personal growth, freedom of expression and creativity.

The core building blocks of humanity lay at the heart of many of these events and a new journal aims to celebrate a selection of these transformational events year. TRANSFORM presents over 20 of the world's most incredible gatherings with awe-inspiring photography, information on every event and long-form articles on subjects such as finding love at festivals, the importance of journeys and more, along with a bunch of stories from festival lovers. It's a beautifully designed tome which would take pride of place on any festival lover's coffee table. The images inside are mind-blowing and show us what these amazing events have to offer. Here's a selection of photos from TRANSFORM to give you an idea of what awaits. Go to their website to find out more: transformfestivaljournal.co.uk

Afrikaburn (Tankwa Karoo National Park, South Africa)

Afrikaburn 2016 Migal Van As

Photo by: Migal Van As

Boom Festival (Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal)

Boom Festival João Curiti
Photo by: João_Curiti

BoomTown (Hampshire, UK)

Boomtown 2016 Pr
Photo by: Boomtown

Day Zero (Tulum, Mexico)

Day Zero 2017 Jack Pasco Fire Performers
Photo by: Jack Pasco

Day Zero (Tulum, Mexico)

Day Zero 2017 Jack Pasco Tribesman
Photo by: Jack Pasco

Desert Hearts (California, United States)

Desert Hearts Juliana Bernstein

Envision (Uvita, Costa Rica)

Envision 2017 Daniel Zetterstrom

Envision (Uvita, Costa Rica)

Envision 2017 Pr
Photo by: Envision

Magnetic Fields (Rajasthan, India)

Magnetic Fields 2016 Zacharie Rabehi
Photo by: Zacharie Rabehi

Lightning In A Bottle (California, United States)

Lightning In A Bottle 2016 Daniel Zetterstrom

Meadows In The Mountains (Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria)

Meadows In The Mountains 2016 Jack Pasco
Photo by: Jack Pasco

OZORA (Dádpuszta, Hungary)

Ozora 2016 Pierre Ekman Mud
Photo by: Pierre Ekman

OZORA (Dádpuszta, Hungary)

Ozora 2016 Pierre Ekman
Photo by: Pierre Ekman

Rainbow Serpent (Victoria, Australia)

Rainbow Serpent 2017 Ari Adar
Photo by: Ari Adar

Secret Garden Party (Cambridgeshire, UK)

Sgp 2015 Nick Caro Fireworks
Photo by: Nick Caro

Shambala (Leicestershire, UK)

Shambala 2016 Carolina Faruolo
Photo by: Carolina Faruolo

Symbiosis Gathering (Oregon, United States)

Symbiosis 2016 Juliana Bernstein

Tribal Gathering (Playa Chiquita, Panama)

Tribal Gathering 2016 Amir Weiss
Photo by: Amir Weiss

Wonderfruit (Pattaya, Thailand)

Wonderfruit 2017 Pr
Photo by: Wonderfruit