5 Tips for Pacing Yourself at Secret Solstice

Article by: Ian Young|@nounpusher

Tue May 01, 2018 | 08:20 AM

Across the world, the summer solstice is a time for celebrating. In Finland, they vacation in the countryside. In Latvia, they make wreaths. In Iran, they sing, dance and…eat spinach soup.

But in Iceland, the land of fire and ice, the land where people eat fermented shark and drink liquor called black death, they take the summer solstice to a whole new level.

Meet Secret Solstice, the four-day festival that turns 96-hours of Icelandic sunlight into a non-stop party. In addition to a unique international lineup, Secret Solstice features a rave inside a glacier, a party deep within a 5,000-year-old lava tunnel and even a Viking hot tub suspended 15 feet in the air.

But wait. Four days of non-stop partying, dancing and sunlight? Is that even possible? (Short answer: Yes.) Here are our five tips for pacing yourself at a festival where the fun (and sun) never ends.

Dress for Success

Secret Solstice 2017 Birta Rán    1 Of 8

You’re about to run a music marathon—go for comfortable instead of haute couture. That new romper may be trés chic but stripping down in a porta-potty while trying not to touch anything is trés awkward.

Prioritize and Plan

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Make a list of the top acts you absolutely need to see and then make sure to set aside an hour or two before each one so you can decompress, hit the bathroom, get some food, etc.

There’s No Shame in Napping—Only Glory

Secret Solstice 2017 Lilja Draumland    1 Of 6

Disco naps are your friend. Pack an eye mask (remember, nonstop daylight!) and some ear plugs and find a quiet corner to crash for a few minutes. Better yet, camp next to the festival site and duck out for some shut eye whenever you need a reset.

Always Be Charging

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With so much epicness to Instagram your phone is going to need constant juicing. Bring a power cord and the appropriate plug adapter or a battery pack so your followers don’t miss out on any of your hijinks.

Stay an Extra Day (or Week)

Secret Solstice 2016 Zoe Savitz 1

Photo by: Zoe Savitz

Why rush back home on the first flight out when you can spend a few extra days in one of Earth’s most unique places? Soothe your aching muscles in a geothermal pool, relax next to a gushing waterfall or spend the afternoon in one of Reykjavik’s many cafes.

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