6 Innovative Acts That Will Dominate Ultra Music Festival

Article by: Chris Hong|@thelivebite

Tue March 24, 2015 | 00:00 AM

To be an innovative musical act is to introduce a new or different element that audiences have never experienced before. Whether it’s a 3D experience, performing with a live band or blending modern sounds with classic elements, innovative acts are highly revered at festivals because they incorporate an unexpected twist, an "X" factor. Here are 6 innovative artists performing at Ultra Music Festival this weekend to put on your must-see list:

1. Chromeo 

“Sexy funk, ass-targeting beats, melodic honey, and smart lyrics about the foibles of contemporary love.” These aspects make up the blueprint for Chromeo’s signature sound. The electro-funk duo, armed with seductive vocals, electric guitars and keyboards elevated upon light-up pairs of ladies' legs, elevates classic funk by blending athemic pop with synthesized beats. If you’re looking for a highly energetic and super groovy time, hit Chromeo's set.

2. Die Antwoord

If you want to get a little “freeky,” Die Antwoord is the artist to catch at Ultra. The South-African rap-rave group is best known for its iconoclastic musical style – experimental, creative, honest, and just plain weird – which is essentially a mixture of hardcore techno and explicit rap. Needless to say, Ninja and Yolandi Visser (who are married) deliver aggro, hyper-kinetic live performances that will mesmerize you.

3. Skrillex

Skrillex has been the frontrunner in electronic music for years. His music incorporates a variety of treble components with face-melting bass, sprinkled with hypnotizing vocals that amp you up for some crazy head bangers. It’ll be at a Skrillex set where you’ll experience craziness, whether it’s the massive crowd going wild or your body being taken over by the intense bass. As for stage setups, you won't see anything more over the top – his most recent tour introduced a huge spaceship which acted as a focal point and podium, from which lasers and strobe lights shot out into this EDM king's vast audience of devotees.

4. Todd Terje

Equipped with an orchestral band, including violins and violas, drumset, percussions and vibraphone, Todd Terje showcases his musical artistry with a fresh perspective. A jumble of instrumentals mixed with Terje’s synthesizer yield electronic-disco beats perfect for summer fun in the sun.

5. Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson already recently made waves with his album and tour Worlds, featuring live mixing and sampling with controllers, light shows, and vocals. Evolving from big-room electro-house to alternative electronic ballads, young Robinson substantiates his extensive skills in musical production by incorporating eclectic elements to evoke emotion and vocals to stimulate passion. Influenced by Japanese gaming and anime culture, his music and visual displays make a colorful and luminous statement together.

6. Netsky

In 2012, Netsky introduced his new musical project, Netsky LIVE!, which features a live band expelling melancholic melodies weaving through heavy dancefloor bass and beats. A perfect marriage of drum and bass, jazz and rock melodies, Netsky sets are a modernistic take on throwback anthems. His sounds creep deep into your skin; it’s bone-chilling and dance-inducing.