6 Powerful Festival Appearances by Chris Cornell

Article by: Laura Mason|@masonlazarus

Thu May 18, 2017 | 15:20 PM

Chris Cornell passed away today at age 52. He hung himself in his hotel room a few hours after a Soundgarden show in Detroit. The seminal grunge band was in the middle of a lengthy tour, and working on material for its first new album in five years. Just like that, one of the most iconic voices in rock was silenced long before its time was due. 

Cornell was the kind of rock star that doesn't exist now. Messianic, anguished, authentic, powerful, doggedly determined for his band's music to make a statement. His lyrics were heavy and truthful, and the chugging grunge rock behind it such a juggernaut that it was a wonder any set of pipes could rise above it at all. Of course, Cornell's inimitably melodic wail, framed by his dark locks and piercing blue eyes, cut through the melee. Even up against Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam's voice in their duet on the contemplative and delicately brooding "Hunger Strike" as the supergroup Temple of the Dog, Cornell more than holds his own. 

Between Soundgarden's 1996 and 2012 releases, Cornell formed Audioslave with members of Rage Against The Machine and also dropped a few solo albums. Through it all he remained on a quest to let us all know that rock could be ever-changing yet uncompromising and always with a message behind the mayhem. 

Below are some of Cornell's best festival appearances through the years.

Lollapalooza 2003 with Audioslave, Full Set

PJ20 Mini Festival at Alpine Valley Music Theatre with Pearl Jam, "Hunger Strike"

Peace & Love Festival 2009 Solo Set, "Billie Jean"

Download Festival 2012 with Soundgarden, "Jesus Christ Pose"

Hurricane Fest 2005 with Audioslave, "Your Time Has Come"

Pinkpop 2009 Solo Set, "Spoonman"

Are there any we missed? Let us know!