8 Festival Style Brands You Can Be Proud to Wear and Support

Article by: Lexie Kieu|@lexiekieu

Wed June 13, 2018 | 07:25 AM

The festival industry is huge. The Washington Post finds that “over 32 million people are attending U.S. festivals every year.” Forbes reports that “the top five biggest festivals earned a combined $183 million in ticket sales last year,” and that’s not even counting revenue from sponsorships and food and alcohol sales. With so much money to be made in the industry, all kinds of people have been inspired to launch their own festival apparel and gear brands. Fortunately, many brands inspired by the fantastical festival world are doing it to make the festival space better, share their creativity, and build a community around their brands.

Here are some of our favorite festival style brands and festival-related retailers that are doing good, giving back, and making a positive change.

Little Black Diamond

With festival-goers rockin’ Little Black Diamond at Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella, Burning Man, and everything in between, there’s no doubt that this brand is an absolute fan favorite. And while its unique pieces are the biggest reason why people love buying from LBD, what sets this brand apart from major festival retailers is its eco-friendly approach to clothing.

With fast fashion being one of the biggest sources of pollution on our planet and a major culprit for human rights violations stemming from its use of cheap labor, Little Black Diamond chooses to source and produce its designs locally and ethically in its hometown of San Diego, California. Instead of mass-producing hundreds of clothing items cheaply for a quick buck, LBD makes quality clothing, paying those who sew the clothes a fair, living wage and ensuring a clean and safe work environment.

Little Black Diamond also advocates for body positivity. LBD girl boss Adrienne Shon supports other women through her brand. Not only does she design clothes that fit, flatter, and celebrate women but also, as a proud feminist, she often stands up to people on Instagram who dare to objectify the women she features in her clothing.

Wolven Threads

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Among those fighting the fast fashion industry is Wolven Threads. This clothing retailer is waging war on plastic with its sustainably made apparel for men and women by manufacturing everything from either certified recycled PET, like plastic water bottles, or modal. According to Wolven Threads' website, their unique modal fabric is “made from carbon-neutral wood-pulp fibers sustainably harvested in Austria, woven & printed with natural dyes in Brazil, and cut & sewn in Los Angeles.” Not to mention, as a certified carbon neutral company, they’re also fighting climate change. It’s safe to say that Wolven Threads is an all-around all-star when it comes to the festival fashion space.

The Thriftsy Gypsy

The Thriftsy Gypsy gets, well, real thrifty when it comes to festival fashion. Known for its bold and colorful sense of style, The Thriftsy Gypsy offers handmade items, up-cycled clothing, and vintage finds for men and women. By altering and revamping clothing, owner Arly Christiaan Stroben gives thrifted items and otherwise discarded pieces new life. Not to mention, you can send items you already have for a custom order and she’ll work her magic.

Wild and Free Jewelry

Wild and Free Jewelry has a serene and ethereal aesthetic that bohemian dreams are made of. Corina’s mermaid crowns and butterfly hair clips seem to be made of pure magic, but the most coveted items in her shop are by far the embellished denim jackets. Often selling out within a matter of days with each collection’s release, these one-of-a-kind jackets capture you with their dreamy, colorful aesthetic. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about these jackets is the way Corina gives second-hand denim jackets new life. After personally sourcing the jackets from flea markets, thrift stores or the internet, she’ll decorate them using ethically sourced and fair trade textiles and embellishments from Thailand and Pakistan.


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You’ve seen them just about everywhere because it feels like everyone has one. And how could you blame them? S’well bottles are beautifully designed, helps you cut down on your use of plastic bottles, and most importantly, keeps your drinks cold or hot for 24 hours—making them a must-have at any festival.

S’well not only helps you get real relief from the sun and beating heat at festivals, it also supports UNICEF, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and (RED). They’re dedicated to reducing single-use plastics and to providing clean and safe water to the world’s most vulnerable communities. Now that’s something you can drink to.


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A cult classic in the festival scene, SpiritHoods lets you channel your spirit animal ethically with their luxurious faux fur. The OG hoods are a fun addition to any party animal’s outfit, but if you ask me, the coats and jackets are worth every penny. For festivals that get chilly at night, their quality coats are the ultimate win for keeping yourself nice and cozy all night long while you’re dancing. Best of all, SpiritHoods donates 10% of their net profits to the Conservation of Endangered Animals, and partners with many animal-focused nonprofits such as Pandas International, Snow Leopard Conservancy, Predator Defense, Panthera, and Polar Bears International.

Eco Glitter Fun

Microplastics are a huge problem. Glitter is a good example, which is a microplastic that makes its way into waterways and the ocean and adversely affects marine life. Now that people are becoming environmentally conscious, however, more brands are offering biodegradable glitter products so festies can sparkle responsibly and guilt-free. Eco Glitter Fun not only offers biodegradable glitter, but also limits its use of plastic by packaging their products in glass bottles and using recycled cardboard and paper packing tape for shipping. Plus, they go the extra mile by donating to the Plastic Oceans Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to educate people about, and protect the ocean from, plastic pollution in our water.

Sand Cloud

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With fun, bright colors and a sand-resistant design, Sand Cloud towels couldn’t be more perfect for festivals. Whether you’re camping at a festival or just want some space to sit down and chill by a stage, Sand Cloud’s lightweight and compact towels make it an easy addition to any festival backpack. As Sand Cloud puts it, they're “beach towels crafted with purpose.” They’re on a mission to save marine life, organizing beach cleanups throughout the year and donating 10% of their profits to organizations that support their mission. They couldn’t be more proud to support the Marine Conservation Institute, the Surfrider Foundation, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, San Diego Coastkeeper, and the Hawaii Wildlife Fund because of your purchase.