8 Things About FYF That Made Us Say "F Yeah"

Article by: Mia Quagliarello|@miaq

Tue July 25, 2017 | 13:05 PM

Let’s start with the fact that this year FYF was three days instead of two. Here’s what else got us excited about the downtown Los Angeles, California, festival, which just wrapped up its 13th edition, July 21-23.

The Bonkers Lineup

Fyf Festival 2017 Adrian Spinelli   1

Anderson .Paak performing at FYF 2017. Photo by: Adrian Spinelli

FYF’s 2017 roster was the stuff of dreams. Of course, there were artists like Perfume Genius, Nicolas Jaar and Anderson .Paak who represent the zeitgeist right now. But FYF also had a slew of one-offs that felt incredibly special, like Missy Elliott’s first U.S. performance in nearly a decade and the hard-to-pin-down Frank Ocean, who did not cancel despite pulling out of two other festivals earlier this year (not to mention FYF itself two years ago).

Lady Headliners, Activate!

Fyf Festival 2017 Adrian Spinelli   1

Erykah Badu performing at FYF 2017. Photo by: Adrian Spinelli

With Björk and Missy Elliott headlining on Friday night, and so much fierce lady talent on display (Erykah Badu, Solange, Kehlani, Noname, Princess Nokia, Slowdive, Blonde Redhead), it felt like FYF had more girl power in one weekend than Coachella has had in its history.

Crowd Diversity

Fyf Festival 2017 Adrian Spinelli   4

The lineup’s gender and musical diversity extended to race and sexual orientation—and the crowd reflected that (Nine Inch Nails fans will always wear black, though.) And when A Tribe Called Quest implored, "We the people / We are equal," it rang so true with FYF's vibrant attendees. 

Celebs: They Love Missy Elliott and Frank Ocean Just Like Us!

FYF 2017 headliners drew other celebrities out from their compounds to frolic with the rest of us. Missy Elliott counted Beyoncé, Solange, Janet Jackson, Katy Perry and Tyler, the Creator among her onlookers. While Frank Ocean and Brad Pitt took their bromance to another level. Ocean serenaded Pitt on his mobile phone, after Pitt told GQ that Frank’s music means a lot to him and helped him get through his divorce. Random but delightful.

It Was A Stop On The Metro

Fyf Festival 2017   1

Photo by: FYF Festival

Repeat: The Metro. Public transportation? In L.A.? Yep, many locals marveled at the fact that until now they had never taken public transportation in their city. With extra trains running and solid crowd control, FYF’s entry and exodus felt efficient and affordable. Sometimes, you just gotta appreciate the simple things in festival life.

That 90s Show

Fyf Festival 2017 Adrian Spinelli   4

Overalls, fishnet socks, big bold prints, fanny packs, zany patterns, baggy jeans, high-top Converse, angular reflective sunglasses—90s style was in full force throughout Expo Park. Not to mention the massive "FYF Boombox" in the middle of the venue. Cue “I’ll Be There for You.”

World’s Best Non-VIP Festival Toilets

When you’re used to foul port-a-potties and waiting on interminable lines, the Coliseum's bazillion flush toilets were a thing of beauty. With scenes like this, who wouldn’t want to just hang out in here?!

Buffalo Cauliflower and Charcoal Ice Cream.

While FYF’s food and drink scene can’t compete with its northern California neighbors at Outside Lands Festival —FYF’s craft wine area was almost always empty—there was definitely some OMG deliciousness and say-what? combinations that demanded to be tasted. For example: tempura-battered buffalo cauliflower with ranch dressing from Sage and Little Damage’s horchata charcoal ice cream with Fruity Pebbles topping.

Now if that isn’t worth a “fuck yeah,” then we don’t know what is.