A Holiday Gift Guide for Festies

Article by: Jonathan Akbari

Fri December 04, 2015 | 00:00 AM

Holiday season is in full swing, you and everyone else are looking for the perfect gift for the special people we love. Of course, your festival friends are a special breed with very specific needs and interests. Here are 11 gift ideas for their next epic festival quest – you can even use these as ideas for to surprise your long-distance, long-lost camp mates. From jewelry to ear protection to gadgetry, there’s something for all budgets and needs. Happy hunting!

Camping Blankets

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Photo by: Rumpl

Staying warm during cold festival nights is essential, cause nothing can cut your night short like the cold and arming yourself with quality cold weather gear is a must have in your festival supplies. Check out Rumpl’s Blankets that repel odors and stains, and comes in various colors sizes and materials starting at $65.  Perfect for wrapping yourself or cuddling with a friend.

Festie Jewelry

A favorite on the West Coast’s transformational circuit, Santa Cruz’s own Third Eye Pinecones are crafted from the center of Knobcone pines. The pine cones are then sanded and decorated with eye-catching inlays or stones. Each pinecone is unique. Check out all the customizable options on Third Eye's website.

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Photo by: HYBYCOZO

Accessories are everything when it comes to putting together an amazing festie outfit – and they're often great conversation starters. Why not complete a look by adding festie-designed accessories, to boot? San Francisco’s own HYBYCOZO are known for their gilded, laser-cut cubes and shapes; luckily they've now branched out from art installations into jewelry. Check out their pendants and earrings (seen above) with signature shapes and cuts that range from $40-50.

High-Tech Earplugs

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Photo by: DUBS

Ear protection is paramount at festivals, especially as sound systems get louder and sharper. Preserving your hearing while still maintaining a stage's sound quality is something Dubs Earplugs do well. Starting at $25, they're affordable and effective enough to withstand fifty thousand watts of bass or a hundred hours of house music. 


Flowtoys are fun ways to perform at any festival, or share laughs and fun with fellow revelers, whether you are spinning a staff or juggling. The Toroflux is known as the “body slinky” and is a fun, affordable fourth dimensional toy to pass around with friends on the dance floor or spin alone. They start at $19.

Reusable Water Bottles

Hydra Flasks
Photo by: Toolsandtoys.com

Hydration is a science at festivals. Keeping your thirst quenched and body feeling fresh requires a trusty, reusable canteen. Hydro Flask offers multiple sized containers for different adventures and drink types. The flasks are insulated and can keep your drinks cool all day, or warm for up to six hours. They start at $22.

Smartphone Gadgets

Everyone wants to capture the magical moments and amazing sights during festival quests. With the powerful cameras and filters that already come with smartphones, all that’s missing are lenses to add to enhance your creativity. With olloclip 4-in-1 lens clips you have the choice of Wide-Angle, Macro, 10x, 15x, and fisheye lenses – they are all lightweight and easy to clip on. Ranging from $65 dollars and above, there are options for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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Photo by: Mophie

Running out of power in the middle of Instagramming or Snapchatting your friends sucks – and waiting in line for a charging station is even more of a drag. Mophie’s Powerstation 2X has two full charges and is a thin solution for your energy needs. Starting at $34 for a single charge cell, it’s guaranteed to not leave you stranded when you hit the dreaded ten percent mark.

All-Natural Beauty

There’s nothing like feeling fresh and clean at a festival. It can change your mood and energy levels dramatically. Dr Bronner’s has been a long time favorite of attendees around the world, offering environmentally conscious soaps and toiletries that come in all sizes and scents. Dr Bronner’s Fair Trade Gift Basket has a selection of various soaps, balms and lotions that come in handy basically anywhere you go. This is a must-have this holiday season and, basically, always.

Instant Cameras

Who doesn’t like having their picture taken? Sometimes you meet that sensational someone in the midst of a festival's chaos and want to commemorate the moment. With the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8  or Mini 70 cameras, you don't have to wait days or weeks to see those special photos appear on social media. You can give your friends a festival gift on the spot with a mini photo from one of these babies. Be sure to grab the film packs that have cool border designs.



Your tent is arguably the most important part of your festival experience; it's your home away from home. A strong structure that can withstand the elements, keep you warm and accommodate you and your friends is key. The REI Kingdom 6 tent is both spacious and easy to assemble with ample storage and dividers – and it sleeps six. It's a tent that's easy to set up and comfortable enough to host a party.

Festival Tickets

Hero Outside Lands Art Gimbel

Photo by: Art Gimbel

Because, of course. Cement your next fest adventure with your favorite person by getting a pair of festival tickets for the two of you, and let the good times roll.