This Drone Footage of AfrikaBurn Is Stunning

Article by: Laura Mason|@masonlazarus

Thu July 27, 2017 | 16:00 PM

At AfrikaBurn , the sunsets and sunrises are just as awe-inspiring as those of the Black Rock Desert, perhaps even more so. The vast mesas which enclose the surrounding veldt reflect deep reds that remind one that yes, this is Africa. The milky way shines bright in the African night and the playa of the Tankwa Karoo is littered with rocky shale and dry, crunchy little shrubs.

But none of this harsh landscape stops Burners from all over the planet from coming to experience AfrikaBurn, the world's largest regional Burning Man event. AfrikaBurn shares the culture and vibe of Burning Man in many ways with its self-expressive costumes, wild, mutant vehicles that look like glowing snails, long nights of non-ordinary states and lots of experimental and electronic music. There are whimsical theme camps like Wonka Willies, the Unusual Suspects and Lekker Bar. AfrikaBurn boasts beautiful, large-scale art pieces. This year amongst them were the owl Uhlu and Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life from Norse Mythology, which burned hotter than any structure veteran Burner and Everfest Creative Director Eamon Armstrong ever felt.

Afrika Burn 2017 Gilles Bonugli Kali   01

That large-scale art is just one star of the AfrikaBurn aftermovie above. Shot by SKYHOOK on the only licensed drone at the entire event, it captures the vast scale of the AfrikaBurn playa, its many awe-inspiring installations and the temporary city built for the event. Once night falls, the video gets even more gorgeous.

Of course, AfrikaBurn isn’t without its contradictions. Indeed, with a complex history like that of South Africa, it is understandable that the event would amplify certain divisions as much as it enhanced the good-hearted attempts to overcome them. Eamon Armstrong poignantly addresses these challenges in his piece entitled "AfrikaBurn: The Unbearable Whiteness of Burning."