alt-J's Gus Loves Glastonbury, Parties With Fans at Hurricane

Article by: Evan Levy

Fri June 12, 2015 | 00:00 AM

alt-J will end the month performing at the Hurricane Festival in Germany and the UK’s Glastonbury , and if this year’s fests are anything like what they’ve experienced in the past, these tour stops are going be ones to remember.

alt-J’s Gus Unger-Hamilton (above, left) tells Fest300 he had one of the most bizarre festival experiences at Hurricane a few years ago. The keyboardist/vocalist recalls the band was asked to fill in for label mates The Temper Trap, and participate in a meet-and-greet with fans of theirs. “It was a bit weird, these two girls who’d won a competition to meet Temper Trap got to meet alt-J,” he reminisces. “Only one of them had heard of us.”

Gus says the guys eventually won over the German girls after “three hours of getting incredibly drunk” with them, adding they followed the pair to their camp site to continue the party. “We went to their tent, and we smoked some weed with them,” he explains. “Then we realized we had to get [to] our bus. Our bus was leaving.”

The keyboardist admits that in their altered state, it was a daunting task to navigate their way through the festival grounds. “We were in the middle of no man’s land trapped in the mud, and it was like a f**king war zone,” he asserts. “We were really high, and really drunk, trying to find out way back to the bus. That was quite terrifying, but it was fun.”

After alt-J makes some new memories at Hurricane, the guys will head back home to the UK for Glastonbury, which Gus says is his favorite event to play. “That’s probably the best festival in the world, it’s so unique,” he declares. “There’s so much going on that even if you headline, you can finish playing at 10 or 11 [pm], and then the party never ends. You can just go and get lost in the woods watching some crazy circus act until 10 in the morning or something. That’s why I love that festival, it can be unexpected.”

You can catch alt-J’s set at the Hurricane Festival on Friday, June 19th at the Blue Stage at 10:30 pm. The group’s Glastonbury show takes place on Sunday, June 28th at the Pyramid Stage at 5:45 pm.