There's So Much Beyond the Main Stage at Bestival, The UK's Festival of Love

Article by: Aspen Glen-Cross

Wed September 16, 2015 | 00:00 AM

Last weekend punters traveled from all over the world and crossed the crystal waters of the Solent to the Festival of Love, otherwise known as Bestival . It's the final highlight in the already epic UK festival scene, so Bestival always makes sure to go out with a bang.

Bestival 2015 Dan Dennison Bestival 4

There's so much to see at Bestival; organizers make sure to create a stimulating world for all the senses. Stepping through the main archway festival-goers were greeted by fields of colour, lights and music from the word "go." 

Bestival 2015 Dan Dennison The Commune

The Festival of Love magic touches so many among the crowd, and that's reflected in the way they dress: a plethora of light reflecting glitter, vividly colourful costumes and makeup spread like a beautiful infection. 

Bestival 2015 Caitlin Mogridge Bestival

Photo by: Caitlin Mogridge

Over on the Stardust Field, where the music lineup captivated thousands over the course of the weekend. Jurassic 5 and their upbeat hip-hop nailed Friday, while superstars Duran Duran produced polarized opinions. Saturday exploded into action with English pop-rock duo Dodgy, followed later by Jungle, the seven piece who time and time again impress with their unique modern soul. 

Bestival 2015 Victor Frankowski Missy Elliott

The day culminated in an intense, psychedelic, headlining set by the Chemical Brothers. Sunday was no less impressive; The Jacksons got everybody grooving before Missy Elliott truly set the crowd off. Old school hits such as "Work It," "Get Your Freak On," and "One, Two, Step" had the whole field screaming themselves hoarse. 

Bestival 2015 Tom Martin Ambient Forest

One shocking highlight was Craig David's surprising down-and-dirty set blazing through the scorching Bollywood tent filled with sweaty, dancing bodies. Never before have we danced so low for so long.

Bestival 2015 Tom Martin Ambient Forest

While the famous parts of Bestival were exceptional, it was the underground scene that really got the juices flowing. As festies explored the site, they found very quickly the enormity of explorative possibilities. 

Bestival 2015 Victor Frankowski Bestival 2

Do you wander the Ambient Forest and check out the pendulum wave machine and its secret tracks? Do you head to Bollywood and fancifully make your way down a catwalk with models flaunting costumes in a kaleidoscope of colour?

Bestival 2015 Carolina Faruolo Bollywood

For wholesome festies seeking refuge from the madness, the HuffPost yoga tent was a peaceful haven filled with "Hangover Yoga" classes to clear the mind and cleanse the body. You could then pick out a whole new outfit for dirt cheap in the Oxfam festival wear tent. Many an evening was spent there after a few too many shandies creating magical outfits and wandering back into the mystical darkness of the woods. 

Bestival 2015 Tom Martin Ambient Forest

Bestival 2015 Tom Martin Ambient Forest

The more outdoorsy energized nutters headed to The Port for tobogganing and carnival games, and scantily clad dancers and booming flames from Skrillex, which kept many dub-stepping until the early hours.

Bestival 2015 Tom Martin Ambient Forest

Bestival 2015 Carolina Faruolo Skrillex

Aside from Sonny's digitized stylings, there was even more off-the-beaten-track Bestival music. After all, the main stages aren't always the main attractions. If you sauntered across the Stardust Field to decadent Club Dada, you would have found the incessant daily energy of the Dance-Off crew with their raucous boxing ring style dance battles, or The Church offering an upbeat and rambunctious alternative to your usual Sunday service. 

Bestival 2015 Victor Frankowski Bestival

Maybe you popped down to the J├Ągermeister Jagerhaus late Thursday evening to see the Plastic Mermaids and their entrancing, psychedelic vibes, or chilled in the teeny-tiny cinema hidden underneath a cocktail bar for films day and night.

Bestival 2015 Victor Frankowski Bestival

Proving itself as a festival not only for hardcore music fanatics, but for those seeking all sorts of whimsical entertainment as well, Bestival has a mind-boggling array of ways to feel the festival vibes. Whether you want to spend evenings wandering the villages and eating candy floss or dancing until your feet hurt at the main stage, Bestival is an amazing nightcap for the fest season.