Blazed and Confused? Join The Simpsons.

Article by: Emily Ward|@_drawylime

Mon November 17, 2014 | 00:00 AM

Homer, Marge and the kids all head to Burning Man, (ahem, "Blazing Guy") and take in the scene in a hilarious and tongue-in-cheek episode of The Simpsons that takes place at the famous annual Black Rock desert event.

Does the scene look familiar? Homer's tent blows away into the sky when he doesn't tie it down, Marge enjoys some special tea from a stranger, and the kids join a drum circle. And of course, the gang gets stuck in a dust storm.

Turns out Simpsons director David Silverman is a longtime burner, and had been planning this episode for quite some time.

We caught sight of El Pulpo Mecanico, The Dusty Rhino, David Silverman's Flaming Tuba, and tons of el-wire.

What did you think, did they do Burning Man proud?