The Do's and Don'ts of a Successful Festival Fling

Article by: Laura Reilly|@rauraleilly

Tue May 02, 2017 | 11:10 AM

Day One has that familiar feeling. You’ve just started gearing up your pre-buzz amongst a group of close friends and a handful strangers making cameos here and there. Your look is on point and exactly as planned, unlike the haphazard outfits you’ll likely find yourself sporting over the remainder of the weekend. You’re itching to get there and your head is swimming, admittedly overwhelmed by the volume of acts you want to see (how are you going to choose between Toro y Moi and Run the Jewels???). You’ll find a way, though. It’s festival weekend and you’re an invincible beam of energy, positivity and blind faith. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll even find love?

Or, more likely, you’ll find a festival fling and get to make out a whole bunch (awkwardly) in front of your friends – that’s pretty great too. But before you embark on your romantic endeavors within these it’s-ok-to-act-like-a-middle-schooler-cuz-it’s-a-festival bounds, consider these helpful guidelines to ensure maximum reward for both parties. Ladies and gentlemen, the dos and don’ts of having a festival fling:

Don't Demand Hugs from People Who Are Clearly Not Down

Dont Demand Hugs Chris Hong
Photo by: Chris Hong

By all means, be the bearer of free hugs – your t-shirt is cute and your love emanates from within. Thanks for letting us know that it’s there if we want it, but do us the favor and know in return that we withhold the right to say “nah” or “no” or “ok, that’s enough.” But it’s not going to get to that point, is it guys?

Do Say Hi!

Say Hi Chris Hong
Photo by: Chris Hong

This wouldn’t be much of a festival fling guide if we weren’t encouraging you to get out there and find someone to have a fling with. Plus, everyone’s inhibitions are down and people are open to new experiences. So just. Go. Say. Hi. K?

Do Share Your Resources

Share Resources Chris Hong
Photo by: Chris Hong

A sip of water, a swig of beer, an extra pair of earplugs, a spare cigarette, a kleenex, and other things. Hopefully they like you for you, but making gift giving one of your languages of love or lust is a gift to yourself as well.

Don't Forget About the Music

Dont Forget About Music Chris Hong
Photo by: Chris Hong

It’s easy to get wrapped up in each other’s charm, but remember that you guys just both shelled out a couple hundred each to be charmed by Hot Chip, too.

Do Merge Squads

Merge Squad Chris Hong
Photo by: Chris Hong

You have friends, they have friends. Make some introductions because 1. You’re all standing right there, don’t be a weirdo, 2. If you think your new boo is a worthwhile human being, the people they surround themselves most likely are too, that’s how it works, and 3. Maybe you’ll spark some other inter-squad flings, who knows? Beth knows. And so does Mateo. Biblically.

Don't Lose Track of Boundaries

Boundaries Festival Fling Chris Hong
Photo by: Chris Hong

Everyone's half naked and stuffed into the same acre and they still don't like a stranger's ghostly gropes... imagine that. Y’all are fresh enough, so don’t turn what could have been a weekend of carefree puppy love into a scenario in which you’re the weirdo someone is trying to swerve for three days.

Do Prepare for Shitty Cell Reception

Cell Service Chris Hong
Photo by: Chris Hong

Network communication at festivals is notoriously atrocious – don’t let your love fall victim to AT&T’s shortcomings. Set reasonable meeting places and specific time frames if you decide to part ways but want to link later.

Don't Have Any Expectations for the Relationship Once the Long Weekend is Over

No Expectations Chris Hong
Photo by: Chris Hong

You laughed, you touched each others' faces and bodies, you heard some music, and that was all very nice. But what was fun for a weekend isn’t necessarily fun for a committed, grueling two years of intermittent good times and heartbreak. But then again, I don’t know your life, so maybe it is. Either way, give your short term "other" the freedom to bow out on good terms so you guys can live out the rest of your days happily as Facebook friends.