Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat: Tips for TomorrowWorld 2014

Article by: Alexa Smith

Tue July 22, 2014 | 00:00 AM

With TomorrowWorld around the corner in Hotlanta, it’s time to prepare for three days of eat, sleep, rave, repeat. Whether or not you’ve experienced this festival yet, here’s how to make the most out of TomorrowWorld 2014!


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Photo by Mixtribe via Flickr Creative Commons

TomorrowWorld is known for its amazing food, specializing in different cuisines of the world. This year the festival will have a main food court with smaller food stations and full bars scattered throughout the grounds. You can also order a BoozeBag, which comes filled with TomorrowWorld currency, for convenient food & drink purchasing.  

Festival Dining

Expect a nice mix of global foods including pizza, stir-fry, Belgian waffles, Southern barbecue, crepes, and Greek food. TomorrowWorld will have its own signature pimento cheeseburger as well as a special flatbread pizza and make-your-own salads. 

DreamVille Dining

Campers can enjoy a variety of food at the DreamVille Marketplace. The bakery starts off each morning with freshly baked baguettes and other treats. A BBQ Booth offers famous Southern barbecue slow-cooked daily. A Gourmet Hamburger Hut serves burgers, hot dogs, and fries all weekend. Finally a Smoothie Shop will help you replenish your body throughout the festival.

VIP Dining

VIP guests can enjoy food prepared by two Michelin-star chefs in an air-conditioned restaurant overlooking the festival. The restaurant features three dishes created specifically for TomorrowWorld.


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Photo by IDT Belgium

DreamVille is its own little world unlike any other. Not only does it offer a wide variety of camping options, but it has its own daily newspaper and marketplace, where you can buy anything from clothes, technology accessories, and festival gear to salon and spa services. Join 35,000 friends over five days and four nights this year for the ultimate camping experience. If you’re not camping at the festival, there are many hotel options outside of Chattahooche Hills where you can take a nice shower and recharge your batteries for the next day.

DreamVille Pass

This pass will gain you access to the festival and DreamVille, but you will have to bring your own camping equipment.

DreamVille Friendship Camping

Camp with 10 friends at a designated area of the campsite, including a private shelter. Purchasing friendship camping in advance ensures that you will be able to camp with all of your friends.

DreamVille Easy Tent

Order up a limited-edition TomorrowWorld tent for two or four people, complete with air mattresses, sleeping bags, and a light. You can also upgrade this option to include flooring, power, chairs and a locker.

DreamVille Dream Lodge

Stay in a luxurious and spacious tent with two or four single beds and comfortable mattresses. You will have your own locker, extra storage space, and even electricity! The Dream Lodge comes complete with a spacious terrace that includes comfortable chairs and a table. 

TomorrowWorld Manors

The most luxurious option! Enjoy staying in a hotel suite with up to 12 people without ever leaving the campsite. Each manor comes complete with your own tour bus for sleeping plus two lounge areas, a private bathroom/shower trailer, a terrace with a lounge that includes a fully stocked bar plus a Jacuzzi and outdoor furniture. And don’t forget the complimentary champagne and fully stocked fridge upon arrival. Each manor has its own fence to ensure privacy during the weekend. What’s not to love?

Official TomorrowWorld Hotels

This year the festival has provided several official hotel options. Although they may not be the cheapest options, they guarantee you will catch your Z’s in luxury. The official hotels also include shuttles to and from the festival each day for easy access. They throw in a daily TomorrowWorld newspaper and a welcome gift for every traveler. Hotels include the Sheraton Atlanta Downtown, the Westin Atlanta Airport, and the W Atlanta Downtown.

Outside Hotel Options

There are many other hotel options within a 20-minute drive of the festival. These are especially convenient for festivalgoers who drive to Atlanta. Many include free parking, Wi-Fi, and complimentary breakfast. Book now to ensure the best prices. Check surrounding hotels in Fairburn, GA, for the quickest commute to Chattahooche Hills. Other surrounding towns include Peachtree City and Newnan. Check out the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Atlanta Southwest-Fairburn or the Hampton Inn Atlanta/Peachtree City to get your search started.


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Photo by Mixtribe via Flickr Creative Commons

Raving for three days straight is exhausting. Follow these tips to keep energized throughout the festival.

Stay Hydrated

And not only with water. Make sure to grab yourself a sports drink every now and then to keep your electrolytes up. A good way to cool down and refuel your body is with an ice-cold fruit smoothie—grab one if you see one!


Every so often it’s important to just sit. Take in the views of Chattahoochee’s rolling hills or explore the grounds and find somewhere fun to relax. There will be plenty of art and hidden gems scattered throughout the festival. You don’t have to rage the entire time.


Experienced festivalgoers come prepared with vitamins to keep their energy up. A popular vitamin for raving is B12. It keeps your energy up and also helps strengthen your immune system.


With all the commotion surrounding the campgrounds, it will be hard to catch a wink. Lack of sleep will seriously slow you down by day two of the festival. Bring some earplugs so you can get an adequate amount of sleep and keep the party going.


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Photo by Mixtribe via Flickr Creative Commons

Now do it all over again. Remember to pace yourself!