Envision Festival: Great Vibes on the Beaches of Costa Rica

Article by: Laura Mason|@masonlazarus

Fri October 02, 2015 | 00:00 AM

There's no secret sauce that goes into making a festival so special. It just happens. When the perfect blend of ingredients come together, you can feel it, and this aftermovie from Costa Rica's Envision Festival is the perfect display of that special something

Nestled in Playa Hermoso in the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica, Envision is a unique blend of music, workshops, art and permaculture. This visual feast of an aftermovie, released ahead of the fast-approaching February 2016 fest, features a seamless mix of shots of the gorgeous Costa Rican landscape, with scenes from workshops, late night music, yoga, meditation and straight chilling on the sand and in the water. The waves are your soundtrack as you surf, camp, play with monkeys, participate in healing ceremonies and fly high with acro yoga. It's too bad we only have ten fingers, because we need more than that to count the things that make Envision so special. 

Vive La Experiencia!