Our Pick Of The 10 Best European Festivals This August

Article by: Marcus Barnes|@mgoldenbarnes

Tue August 02, 2016 | 00:00 AM

The festival calendar gets more and more packed with new events every year, especially in the summertime. So far in 2016 it's been one of the busiest seasons in history, with every weekend an absolute smorgasboard of music and arts events across the whole of Europe, from deepest Poland, to the sunny shores of Spain, all the way up north in Norway, down to the tiny island of Malta. It's amazing to see so many great events happening, and so many people becoming engaged with festival culture. Of course though, more festivals means more difficult decisions as to where to go and who to see, that's where Fest300 has the remedy. This month we present 10 of the very best festivals happening in Europe this month, so check the list below and figure out where to go and when... 

1. Wilderness: August 4  - 7, UK

From far and wide all we hear about this festival is that it is one for those who like a bit of luxury. From michelin star food to slick fashion stalls, gourmet chefs, pristine glamping sites and a whole host of other chic extras, Wilderness appeals to the more mature, middle class, demographic. With such a high-spec in terms of amenities, you can also expect to encounter the very best in entertainment - the lineup is superb, the production levels are very high and the location is an absolute dream. Don't take our word for it though, go and experience it yourself. Magic. 

2. BoomTown Fair: August 11 - 14, UK 

As the name suggests, this is a festival based inside a temporary town built in a field in the middle of the West Country. Those who have ventured to Boomtown will attest to its awe-inspiring location and the ridiculous amount of attention to detail that has gone into the design of the town. On top of this it has a very loose atmosphere, the crowd is young, though relaxed and permissive and into their bass-heavy music. Expect to lose yourself, both physically and spiritually at this well-respected British festival. 

3. Sziget: August 10 - 17, Hungary

Sziget runs for 10 days, which is pretty hardcore by anyone's standards. Set on an island in the centre of Hungary's beautiful capital city, Budapest, the festival prides itself on its eclectic lineup and turns the focus to art installations as well as the best in contemporary music. This year the mighty Rihanna is on the bill, along with Muse, Die Antwoord, Hardwell, David Guetta, Tinie Tempah and many many more. Brace yourself for a marathon if you're going for the duration, though there is the option to visit for shorter periods, too. 

4. Ozora: August 1 - 7, Hungary

Another Hungarian adventureland for adults, though this is slightly different to Sziget, being way more psychedelically inclined. This means you can expect a very hippie heavy crowd, lots of transformative opportunities and a generally more 'alternative' atmosphere. Billed as Europe's biggest trance festival, Ozora is a very special place where the vibrations are high, the energy ecstatic and the overall feeling is one of pure love. Be sure to pay a visit to Ozora, you will come home a new person! 

5. OFF: August 5 - 7, Poland

This Polish event has been running for 10 years, so it's a relative newcomer to the European circuit, but it has established a sterling reputation already and we cannot recommend it highly enough. A very culturally conscious event, OFF dedicates each year to a different historic event - for instance, 2009's edition was dedicated to World War II, while 2010's was dedicated to Chopin's 200th birthday. With such a cerebral approach to its events, it's no surprise that OFF also curate superb lineups and organise their event at a gorgeous site in the lush green land of Katowice. 

6. Dekmantel: August 4 - 7, Holland

Holland is undoutedly the festival capital of Europe, if not the world. The reasons for this lie in the fact that their Government has remained supportive of their music industry throughout its recent history, especially electronic music and rave culture. Because of this, events like Dekmantel benefit from a level of professionalism that is almost unsurpassed by any other nation on the planet. Techno music of the highest order set in the plush surroundings of Amsterdamse Bos, a landscaped park in the Dutch capital. Be there!

7. Way Out West: August 11 - 13, Sweden

Gothenburg in Sweden is the location for this three-day festival which joins the dots between rock, indie and hip hop. The range of acts on the bill makes this a treat for those who like a bit of variation in their festival lineups; from Grace Jones and Massive Attack to more recent stars like Anohni, Jessy Lanza and Young Fathers, Way Out West is seriously on point. Then you realise it takes place in the huge grounds of Slottsskogen Park in the centre of the city and it gets even better. 

8. Flow: August 12 - 14, Finland

Not far from Sweden is another Scandanavian nation where the Flow Festival takes place. When it comes to locations, this event has it locked down big time - set in the breathtaking industrial surroundings of an historic power plant there aren't many European festivals that compare to such a mind-boggling site. On top of this Flow's booking team fly in some of the world's best performers, along with amazing artists and speakers to create an all-in-one, music and arts conference. 

9. Defected: August 11 - 15, Croatia

One of the biggest labels in electronic music takes one giant leap into the world of festivals with its very first large-scale event in Europe's most popular festival destination, Croatia. So serious are Defected about this debut festival, that they have taken time away from their usual activity in Ibiza to focus it and we're sure it's going to be a special one. Taking place in the same space as Garden festival in Tisno, there's growing anticipation for this one and the staggering amount of DJ superstars on the bill will make it a memorable one for all involved we're sure. 

10. Mysteryland: August 27 - 28, Holland

One of the biggest and best electronic music events on the continent, Mysteryland brings in local heroes Martin Garrix and Afrojack, Diplo, Seth Troxler, Apollonia and many more. They combine their efforts with numerous party brands to create an expansive collection of stages that covers an wide range of electronic music styles, meaning there is a little bit of something for everyone and a diverse crowd, too. Fun for everyone, in the huuuuge Floriade Terrain in Haarlemmermeer, Holland.