Need a Good Laugh? Enter Our Hell Yes Fest Giveaway

Article by: Laura Mason|@masonlazarus

Mon October 30, 2017 | 22:14 PM

When the hilarious Hell Yes Fest rolls around each fall, the city of New Orleans erupts in uproarious laughter and rarely has a moment to catch its breath. And who couldn't use a solid week of good laughter these days?

Luckily, Hell Yes Fest and Everfest are here to help. Run by comedy collective The New Movement, the festival boasts a wickedly talented lineup of gut-busting funny men and women from the local comedy scene and beyond. From classic stand-up performances, to wacky sketches and on-the-spot improv, all styles and formats are welcome in The Big Easy. The festival also dabbles in food, musical comedy acts, short films, video games, live podcasting and much more to keep you engaged. There’s a lot of material packed into one comedy show to ensure you don’t get too cozy in your seat. Check out who's on deck to crack you up this November 15-19, 2017, in the Big Easy.

We've partnered with Hell Yes Fest to offer ONE winner and that winner's FOUR lucky friends GA wristbands (five total), a free Improv class (for the named winner only), free Hell Yes Fest merch, free Everest merch, and *drumroll* an Escape My Room package for eight people total (the named winner plus seven friends)! Just be sure to enter by November 9, 2017.

Everfest's Hell Yes Experience (Contest on

Not only that, but the chosen winner will score a FREE year membership to Everfest Premium where you can score deals and discounts to all kinds of festivals. Find out more about Everfest Premium here.

Hell Yes Fests's founding collective, The New Movement, is much more involved in day-to-day happenings than the average company who decides to put on a festival. For one, they lead numerous workshops throughout the festival to help others sharpen their comedic chops. They also host pre-show and after-show parties so you aren’t a total lamer who’s stuck in general admission all weekend. This is one giant comedy party where fans are encouraged to get in on the funny. Don't miss out!