These Visionary Artists' Work Will Make Your Festival Wardrobe Fly

Article by: Tessla Venus Goodwin|@GlitterSpies

Wed March 07, 2018 | 04:05 AM

Have you ever seen an incredible painting at a festival and wished you could wear it? Well, now you can! A bevvy of your favorite visionary artists are printing their works on super sick clothing and accessories for girls and guys.

Visionary art is art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or is based in such experiences. Notable names in the genre include Android Jones and Alex & Allyson Grey. Visionary art is widespread in the transformational festival community because they share central themes – spirituality, consciousness, connectivity and personal transformation –  and is sometimes created in front of live audiences, often on a stage accompanied by musical performances.

Who wouldn't want to be a walking piece of art every day? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites to make those dreams come true.

Amanda Sage

Wearable Visionary Art Amanda Sage 1

Photo courtesy of: Amanda Sage

One of the most well-known visionary artists started printing her work on clothing a few years ago and the results have been absolutely stunning!

Wearable Visionary Art Amanda Sage 2

Photo by: Steven Detray

When asked why she chose to put her art on clothing, Amanda said, “Because it is exciting to see the art come alive in ways it can't when just hanging on a wall. To see how much it uplifts and inspires people gives me great joy, and it's an excuse to hang out with my friends that make this all happen with me."

Wearable Visionary Art Amanda Sage 3

Photo by: Scott Byrne

She continued, "The inspiration is to contribute to a growing community of people [who] understand that everything is connected. When you wear something you claim allegiance with it. These clothes are about a lust for the vibrancy and magic of life!”

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Christopher Mohn

Wearable Visionary Art Chris Mohn 1

An artist in the truest sense of the word, Christopher Mohn creates incredible patterns from his works of art. He is also one half of the electronic DJ duo Dance Spirit. With each project, he weaves a psychedelic trip into sounds and sights, immersing you in a world beyond our reality.

Wearable Visionary Art Chris Mohn 2

In awe of his work, many friends told Christopher he should print his art on clothing, so he started doing it!

Vision Lab

Wearable Visionary Art Vision Lab 1

"Birth of a Star” by Michael Divine and "Interbeing" by Stuart Griggs. Photo by: Vision Lab

Vision Lab is a hub that creates incredible printed garments from a bunch of different artists. Most of their fabric is 84% PET, made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Wearable Visionary Art Vision Lab 2

Artwork by Stuart Griggs. Photo by: Vision Lab

Find tees and tanks for men and dresses, bell bottoms and more for trippy men and women everywhere.

Jess Loves Jackets

Wearable Visionary Art Jess Loves Jackets 2

Photo by: Anthony Fermin

Brand new on the scene, each piece from Jess is one of a kind and has a story to tell. She’s just getting started, but we cannot wait to see her rise!

Wearable Visionary Art Jess Loves Jackets 1

Photo by: Anthony Fermin

“The idea of painting on jackets came to me because I have always looked at a blank canvas and not known what to paint," said Jess Steidler. "I realized one day how much I love jackets and how much just one piece of clothing can take your style to the next level. I pulled out one of my jackets and decided to paint! It was a dream come true and I fell in love.”

Noa Knafo

Wearable Visionary Art Noa Knafo 1

Gate of Knowledge Boots. Photo by: Noa Knafo

In a sea of printed tanks, tees and leggings, Noa Knafo takes it to the next level by printing her stunning works of art on vegan boots! Each piece has a beautiful description of the art piece it matches.

“The Gate Of Knowledge symbolizes the opening of the gate to new dimensions of knowledge — those moments in time of sudden insight and intuition,” reads the description that goes with the boots above.

Wearable Visionary Art Noa Knafo 2

She also prints on an incredible array of clothing as well. The description on the swim trunks above read, “Each of us has our own walls and masks to protect ourselves from the things we fear in the world. Try to peel back these layers to present your true self to the world – your true reflection.”

Jumbie Art

Wearable Visionary Art Jumbie Art 1

Warrior Within x Jumbie Art Jumpsuit. Photo by: Jumbie Art

One of the first visionary artists to print on clothing, Jumbie never fails to wildly impress with his amazing prints!

Wearable Visionary Art Jumbie Art 2

Jumbie Art “Rainbow Kitty” Aerial Silks. Photo by: Jumbie Art

Pile them on to get the full effect. He also makes beautiful printed aerial silks and yoga mats.