How Weird Street Fair 2013: San Francisco gets Even Weirder

Article by: Art Gimbel

Fri May 03, 2013 | 00:00 AM

San Francisco has never needed an excuse to flaunt its creative, costumed masses. Give this city a street party, and they will come. No, it’s not  Bay to Breakers , Halloween, Pride Folsom Street Fair,  or  Burning Man’s  Decompression. Just when you think San Francisco can’t get any weirder, it did at the 14th annual  How Weird Street Fair . Covering three blocks radiating out in each direction from the intersection of Howard and 2nd streets in SOMA, the office buildings provided an amplifying backdrop for the usual DJ suspects to spin a range of electronic beats, from house to dubstep and psytrance.

A beautiful spring day united this bunch of colorful characters:

Screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_5 (1)The Hippies – they started this in San Francisco after all.

Screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_5 (2)Gypsies

Screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_5 (3)Pink gorillas

Screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_5 (4)The King of Weirdi Gras, the theme of this year’s How Weird Street Fair

Screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_5 (5)Potheads

Screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_5 (6)Killer clowns with little hats. Very, very scary.

Screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_5 (7)A devil on stilts

Screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_5 (8)Pink people picture taking.

Screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_5 (9)Rainbow bubble girl.

Screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_5 (10)Just in case you forgot..

Screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_5 (11)The good and the bad…

Screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_5 (12)The artists

Screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_5 (13)Living Art