Introducing the Ask The Festival Lawyer Podcast

Article by: The Festival Lawyer|@FestivalLawyer

Tue May 23, 2017 | 14:34 PM

This week we're happy to premier the new, bi-weekly Ask The Festival Lawyer podcast . This podcast features two criminal defense attorneys, Cameron Bowman, aka "The Festival Lawyer” and Jason Beahm, aka “DJ Lazer Beahm” as they discuss legal news in the festival scene. The two will also offer festival-related legal tips and answer questions submitted by festival-goers, so you can stay out of trouble and have a blast.

In this week’s podcast, Cameron and Jason discuss what to do if a police officer stops you at a music festival. The middle segment features a recent “Know Your Rights” seminar that the two recently did at Freedom Fest in San Francisco. They also go over the three most important “Fest Law Phrases" that every festie should know when dealing with law enforcement. In the final segment, the two talk about Coachella and discuss arrests statistics for the festival in 2017.

If you have a question for the podcast you can email them to

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