It's Time to Register for Burning Man Tickets: Here's What You Need to Know

Article by: Joe Kukura|@ExercisingDrunk

Wed March 21, 2018 | 10:30 AM

Around 26,000 Burning Man 2018 tickets are about to go on sale, and you know they’ll sell out in a poof. To make sure you don’t get left out cold in the queue, we’ve produced this handy crash course to the 2018 Burning Man ticket sale. Big deadlines are just about here, like registering your Burner Profile (Noon, Friday, March 23) the ticket Main Sale (Noon, Wednesday March 28), but there are other ways you can still get tickets even after those are sold out.

Tickets are $425, same price as last year. The 9% Nevada Live Entertainment tax will be tacked on again. But you don’t want to miss any of the Burning Man 2018 ticket deadlines, and we’ve listed all of them for you below.

Burning Man 2018 Ticket Dates

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You have to complete your Burner Profile to register, and you only have between Wednesday, March 21, 2018, at 12 Noon PDT – Friday, March 23, 2018, at 12 Noon PDT to do so.

The Burning Man ticket Main Sale is March 28, 2018, at 12 Noon PDT, so make plans to be at your computer then.

All the start times and cut-off times are 12 Noon Pacific Daylight Time, so keep that in mind if you live outside the Pacific Time Zone. Here’s a time zone converter to let you when to spring into action if you live in another time zone.

There are 26,000 tickets going on sale March 28, 2018. You can only buy two tickets, and one vehicle pass. And yes, your car will need a vehicle pass again.

Burning Man 2018 Vehicle Pass

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Vehicle passes are $80, the same price as last year (plus applicable fees and taxes). There will only be 27,000 vehicle passes available total, and only 10,000 sold on March 28. The other vehicle passes will be sold in later sales, and in the Burning Man’s official online ticket swap called the Burning Man Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP).

STEP Burning Man Tickets

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“Ticket Day” is not your only opportunity to buy a Burning Man ticket. Most notably, the Burning Man Secure Ticket Exchange Program, an online ticket resale program that allows Burners to buy and sell spare tickets at face value, runs from April to late July.

STEP also requires a Burner Profile, and buyers and sellers should check the Burning Man ticket page for the deadlines of their respective registrations and sales.

Burning Man OMG Sale

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Burners also have the option of the last-minute OMG Sale on August 1, 2018, during which 2,000 tickets will be made available just weeks ahead of Burning Man (OMG Sale registration is also required, running between July 25 and 27).

Burning Man Low Income Ticket Program

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Burning Man also makes 4,000 tickets available through the Low Income Ticket Program. Those tickets cost just $190, an application is required, and you’d better sound pretty impressive if you want that Low Income Ticket. Applications for Low Income Tickets are being accepted now through April 16, 2018.

Burner Express

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Another deadline you often wish you’d known about earlier is the registration for the Burner Express. The Burner Express is a bus service — and now an airline service, too — that whisks you from either San Francisco or Reno to Black Rock City, and also back home after the event. Burner Express Air also offers flight service to and from Los Angeles.

The Burner Express Bus ticket dates and prices will be announced in May. Keep an eye on the Burner Express Air flight booking page for upcoming announcements on flight tickets.

Those $1,200 Tickets

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Yes, there are also $1,200 Burning Man tickets. These $1,200 pre-sale tickets are substantially more expensive, but a voluntary patronage deal for those who can pay “a little” extra to support the Burning Man arts scene they help subsidize the Low Income Ticket program. These tickets come with no additional perks, other than the goodwill of knowing you went the extra mile for the Burning Man community.

Buyers at this price level can secure their Burning Man ticket as early as April 4, 2018.

With all of the big dates this year, your best bet for keeping up on ticket developments is to subscribe to the Jackrabbit Speaks newsletter to receive email notifications of any and all Burning Man announcements.