Lucidity's 2018 Lineup Just Dropped, Featuring Desert Dwellers, Mark Farina

Article by: Laura Mason|@masonlazarus

Wed January 31, 2018 | 12:05 PM

Lucidity just unveiled its 2018 musical lineup and a new chapter in its continuing narrative. Providing dance floor anthems this year are headliners Craze, Desert Dwellers, Spectrasoul, Afrolicious, Dustin Thomas, Mark Farina, J.Phlip, Hot Buttered Rum, The Librarian, Ardalan, and Truth, followed by a kaleidoscope of talent in plenty of vibey genres.

Organizers describe Rising Dawn, the festival's seventh chapter, as a "new quest toward a unified humanity," describing this year's outing on its website as follows:

"As one great cycle comes to a close, a new beginning is birthed. In the fateful moment just before the Ouroboros cosmic serpent chomps down on his own tail, there is a liminal moment, a long and silent pause, an opportunity to spiral into a higher lucid octave of consciousness, rather than mindlessly repeating old stories and patterns. We stand on such a precipice, and looking out upon the horizon, with gratitude for the integration of the learnings from a long and challenging quest fulfilled, we see a familiar sunrise. A new day is upon us. A new story is welling in our hearts...We see this next rite of passage as a new quest toward a unified humanity, and we joyfully say YES, and Thank You!"

Lucidity also offers its now signature Lucid University CourseWeek ahead of the festival, which promises a rare opportunity to learn from experts in an exciting environment. This year's tracks include CommunityWorks, EcologyWorks, and InnovationWorks, and Independent Study.

Check out the full lineup and dates below.

Lucidity 2018 Lineup

Photo by: Lucidity

Tickets are available here.