Only at Bonnaroo: 10,000 Lasers and The Flaming Lips

Article by: Emily Ward|@_drawylime

Thu January 15, 2015 | 00:00 AM

With Bonnaroo excitement fresh in everyone's minds, what better way to kick it up a notch than to relive one of the craziest moments from the 2007 festival?

Rockers and sensory overload experts The Flaming Lips are renowned for their outlandishly awesome shows that take on a life on their own. Confetti canons, Santa costumes, neon lights, plastic bubbles descending from the stage, spaceships, crowd surfing from Wayne Coyne, enormous balloons, strobes, the list goes on for ages.

That night, The Lips crew handed out lasers to lucky audience members before the show, and paused in the middle to display a countdown and have the crowd light up and point them all at once towards the stage. It was a truly stunning scene.

Were you there?