Our 8 Fave Festival Kickstarter Projects

Article by: Laura Mason|@masonlazarus

Fri July 26, 2013 | 00:00 AM

Kickstarter isn’t just about community-funded artisanal marshmallow companies, or donating your hard-earned cash to a certain fanboy favorite, sloth-loving actress. Sometimes Kickstarter is about helping people pursue their dreams of exploring the world, bringing culture and art to the masses, doing something for the greater good, and occasionally, blowing sh*t up. Because let’s face it – sometimes festivals can be expensive. Not everyone has the cash flow to get themselves to Burning Man, or to fund a new film festival. That’s where you, the crowd, comes in.


Creating New Festivals


Keeping Fledgling Festivals Alive and Kickin’


Delivering Interactive Art Installations to Burning Man


And Dangerous Games



And Silly Signs


Bringing Talent to the Stages of Edinburgh Festival Fringe


Cool Apps to Compliment your Festival Experience

(Sometimes you try, but don't succeed.)


Bringing Free Art to the Masses, Both in Miami and Berlin