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Photo By: Jacob Avanzato
Article by: Morena Duwe

Wed May 02, 2018 | 13:20 PM

All the Hilarious Things We Overheard at Desert Hearts

In a blur of fur and sequins, Desert Hearts

Backwoods music festival 2018 anthony paro    1 of 8 (5)
Backwoods Brought West Coast Festival Culture to Mulberry Mountain
by  Anthony Paro
It's a vibe not often found in the American heartland.
Roskilde stiig hougesen 1
The Do's and Don'ts of the Festival Camping Landgrab
by  Graham Berry
Your crew will score the best spot possible with these tips.
Austin city limits festival 2017 greg noire    1 of 5
Austin City Limits Reveals a Massive Lineup Featuring Paul McCartney, Metallica, and More
by  Laura Mason
It'll be an awesome way to round out your festival season.
Secret solstice 2017 birta rán    8 of 8
5 Tips for Pacing Yourself at Secret Solstice
by  Ian Young
...or any festival with non-stop daylight.
Bumbershoot 2015 kristina bakrevski   21
J. Cole, Chainsmokers, SZA, and Fleet Foxes Top Bumbershoot 2018
by  Laura Mason
The Pacific Northwest's best music fest is back.
Jacob avanzato enchanted forest gathering 06119
Beats Antique, Keys N' Krates, Ozomatli Top Enchanted Forest Gathering's 2018 Lineup
by  emily ward
In a magical forest, not so far away...
Joshua tree music festival 2017 jacob avanzato 09988
How to Save on Your Favorite Festivals in May
by  Casey Berg
Fill your festival season with unforgettable experiences without breaking the bank.
Burning man larry harvey flickr cc scott beale:laughing squid 1
Burning Man Board Member Chip Conley Remembers Larry Harvey
by  Chip Conley
"Larry created a blank canvas onto which we express ourselves..."
Samantha milligan   shambala 2016   ab2a7196 6bc4 11e6 96a6 e2fa661e35e8   web
10 Tips to Help You Curate The Perfect Festival Date
by  Jonathan Akbari
Connect on another level.
Vujaday music festival 2018 the confluence    1 of 22 (3)
22 Scenes from Vujaday Music Festival, The Anti-Fyre Festival
by  Laura Mason
This is how to do a festival in the tropics.
Reid godshaw harmonic light self portrait high resolution
Festival All-Star: Reid Godshaw, Creator of Harmonic Light
by  Graham Berry
He's the artistic wizard behind some of the trippiest festival photos ever.
Lost lake festival 2017 jeff kravitz    4 of 6
SZA, Imagine Dragons, The Chainsmokers Top Lost Lake's Initial 2018 Lineup
by  emily ward
The festival's second year firmly plants Phoenix on the festival map.
Oregon eclipse 2017 jacob avanzato 36
How to Make Friends at a Festival
by  Eamon Armstrong
Eight tips for whether you’re riding solo or with a group.
What the festival 2015 daniel zetterstrom eamon armstrong
5 Reasons West Coast Festies Don’t Care About Gender Norms
by  Tessla Venus Goodwin
Four festival influencers explain how personal style reveals their truest selves.
The bpm festival portugal 2017 pedro  francisco all day i dream lee burridge set
The BPM Festival: Portugal Snags Art Department, Apollonia, Carl Craig and More for 2018
by  Laura Mason
The fest makes its highly anticipated return to Europe this September.
Lee reynolds andrew jorgensen   3–2
Festival All-Star: Desert Hearts' Lee Reynolds
by  Jonathan Akbari
From BMX biker to trailblazing festival community builder and DJ, Lee Reynolds is beloved.
Afrikaburn 2017 gilles bonugli kali   10
AfrikaBurn: The Unbearable Whiteness of Burning
by  Eamon Armstrong
What Burning Man in Africa taught me about the privilege to "find yourself."
Life is beautiful 2017 zach mckee    20 of 27
Life Is Beautiful Reveals 2018 Lineup
by  Laura Mason
The Weeknd, Arcade Fire, Florence + The Machine, and more will headline.
Snowbombing austria 2018 max miechowski 2
Scenes From the Hard-Partying Slopes of Snowbombing 2018
by  emily ward
Winter's wildest fest took over the Austrian Alps.
Coachella 2018 weekend 2 goldenvoice    1 of 15 (13)
15 Scenes from Coachella Weekend Two
by  Laura Mason
Proof Weekend One doesn't deserve all the hype.
Outside lands festival 2017 adrian spinelli   24
British Fests Just Announced They're Banning Plastic Bottles and Straws by 2021
by  Laura Mason
Single-use plastic, get outta here!
3516935278 4829db8bf6 o
Real Talk: “Leave No Trace” at Festivals Isn't Working
by  Tucker Gumber
This is a must-read as you head into festival season.
Coachella do lab stage 2017 watchara phomicinda    13 of 27
How Spicy Pie Became Coachella's Most Iconic Food
by  Graham Berry
Even Beyoncé likes it.
Coachella 2018 weekend 1 galen oakes people of    1 of 33 (6)
The Differences Between Coachella Weekend 1 and Weekend 2
by  Graham Berry
We asked Tucker Gumber, the Festival Guy: Which is better?