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Photo By: ChrisLiang82 via Flickr Creative Commons
Article by: Brandon Presser|@bpnomad

Wed January 15, 2014 | 00:00 AM

Japan: The Best Country for Festivals?

Japan is a land of superlatives: soaring Alp-like mountains, prismatic shorelines, and unfathomably large cities bathed in concrete and glass. But it's the culture and lore of this enigmatic is...

Nola jazz and heritage
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2014 Lineup Announced
by  Laura Mason
You won't believe who's lined up to play!
Most vibrant costume party
Is This the World's Most Vibrant Costume Party?
by  Laura Mason
A street fair in the Philippines boasts some of the best pageantry in the world.
Coachella 2014 Mixtape
by  Laura Mason
Here we go!
Burning man 2013 art gimbel 01
Is This The Most Powerful Burning Man Film?
by  Laura Mason
This video made us radically express ourselves by crying like babies.
A city made of ice
Video of the Week: A City Made of Ice
by  Laura Mason
That magnificent ice kingdom isn't just for looking at! Take a look inside China's -30C frozen fantasyland.
Junkanoo ticket
Rushing to Junkanoo
by  Michael Glass
I thought I was going to the Bahamas for a relaxing beach holiday. What I got instead was the experience of a lifetime.
China's City of Magical Ice Castles
by  Laura Mason
Ice, ice baby.
Ati atihan rob photography 08
2014's Top 10 Festival Circuits
by  Chip Conley
How to get the most bang out of your festival bucket list this year...
The bpm festival pearcey proper 15
The BPM Festival 2014 Mixtape
by  Laura Mason
Beats per minuto.
Flaming lips moogfest 2011
A Very Flaming Lips New Year
by  Laura Mason
2014 in the sky with diamonds.
Rio carnival alexandre macieira 03
Brazil: The Best Country for Festivals?
by  Kevin Raub
Did someone say "festa?" You're in Brazil, of course they did! This South American workhouse may...
Santacon 2011 just say ho 15
SantaCon Snowball Fight in San Francisco
by  Art Gimbel
SantaCon San Francisco 2013 Photo
by  Art Gimbel
The Santa Clauses are comin' to town.
1hero sgp dsc0075 2humbert15httpflic.krp2rrrqa
Secret Garden Party Mixtape
by  Laura Mason
It's getting cold.
Wanderlust 2013 ali kaukas 18
Chip Conley at Wanderlust, Whistler 2013
by  Laura Mason
Getting emotional at Wanderlust.
Screen shot 2013 12 12 at 9.58.45 am
Japan's Stunning Luminaire Festival
by  Art Gimbel
Winter lights warm up the night.
Santacon version 2
Festive Films to Prep You for SantaCon
by  Laura Mason
Get Your Santa On
Screen shot 2013 12 05 at 5.02.30 pm
SantaCon Mixtape
by  Laura Mason
Holiday Music to Dance To!
Tommorowland aftermovie
TomorrowWorld 2013 Official Aftermovie
by  Laura Mason
Reliving the Madness.
Trend-Spotting at Art Basel Miami 2013
by  Laura Mason
It's an arty party.
Festival of Light and Gratitude Photos
by  Art Gimbel
Light and Gratitude.
Cookiekinkeaddiwali 11
Diwali 2013 in Jaipur
by  Cookie Kinkead
The Hindu festival of lights.
Pushkar camel fair 2013 zahid sardar 12
Discovery at the Pushkar Camel Fair
by  Zahid Sardar
Experiencing the cosmic thread of life amidst chaos, confusion and camels.
Il palio di siena chip conley 27
My Top 10 Festivals of 2013
by  Chip Conley
You May Want To Add A Few To Your Bucket List