Souls of Bliss Camp

Article by: Dijon Bowden|@DijonBowden

Wed September 24, 2014 | 00:00 AM

I am so grateful for my experience at Bliss Camp. It was one of the highest vibration transformational festivals I’ve ever been to. It’s amazing what kind of world we can create with the common intention of love.

I know we’re all used to hearing "love is the way." We know in our hearts that this is true, but a lot of the time that remains an idea of the mind, something to strive for, but unachievable. At Bliss Camp it was more than an idea, it was full embodiment. The collective decision by everyone there to be present and open transported me to a different dimension. A different level of consciousness.

I experienced oneness. A feeling of love so omnipresent and unlike the normal human experience it scared me a bit. I was able to interact with the world through the perspective of my higher self. I saw through the veil into the holographic nature of the universe.

These are just some of the beautiful Souls of Bliss Camp.

Bliss Camp Interviews 2014 Dijon 1

“What do you love most about festivals?”
“Connecting with tribe, building with soul family, and celebrating in love.”

Bliss Camp 2014 Dijon 7

“Sweet hat dude!”
“You seem like a festival veteran. What’s your favorite festival and why?”
“My favorite has been Enchanted Forest 2013 and Symbiosis 2012. These events showed me what a real transformational festival could look like instead of the normal, commercial, corporate events we are used to. Even some of the current festivals look like they are overrun with rules, security, and sponsors. These events didn’t feel that way and I’ve been working to cultivate that feeling.”

Bliss Camp 2014 Dijon 8

“That’s an incredible outfit!”
“Thank you!”
“How are you?”
“I’m divine.”

Bliss Camp Interviews 2014 Dijon 7

“What’s your favorite thing about festivals?”
“The creative energy. I’m a creator.”
“What ways do you like to create?”
“Mostly with smiles and joy.”

Bliss Camp Interviews 2014 Dijon 10

"What's your superpower?"
"Giving love, uplifting people, and enlightening others.”

Bliss Camp Interviews 2014 Dijon 12

"When I was dealing antiques in Nantucket MA, I kept hearing a voice that was telling me to go to the California summer music festival scene. I ignored it for a while not quite knowing what it meant and thought I was content living my luxurious life. The call became so strong that it was impossible to ignore. I became swept up in the festivals on Maui and Bali and was delivered to earthdance on my way back to Nantucket. I finally felt like I was home, like I found my tribe, my true self. I saw how I was just trying to fit into a society I didn't believe in. By my 33rd birthday I completely walked away from my old life in pursuit of happiness and my true self. The past four years have been the most healing and transformative of my life. I have found the family of choice. Some of the most beautiful, brilliant, ingenious, creative, talented, loving, spiritual souls on the planet. And for that I give thanks."

Bliss Camp Interviews 2014 Dijon 21

“What have you learned from being here?”
“Safety. It’s safe to be me.”

Bliss Camp Interviews 2014 Dijon 15

“I love festivals because they give us an opportunity to create the world that we know in our heart is the world we want to live in. It’s almost like a blank canvas for us to create with, but they give us a foundation and then leave it really open to create as we want throughout the weekend. It’s really an open channel for us to reeducate ourselves on how to exist on this planet. That’s just being in community, and sharing, and being intentional with our lives. Being supportive and symbiotic. All of us offering our gifts and coming together as the perfect puzzle pieces we already are.”