Swimwear Perfect for Your Warm Weather Festival Adventures

Article by: Tessla Venus Goodwin|@GlitterSpies

Mon October 02, 2017 | 14:03 PM

Temperatures are heating up and, as we all know, getting a little (or a lot) wet while prancing around a festival can be the key to survival. Whether it’s the famed splash pool at What The Festival , the river of Bass Coast in beautiful British Columbia, or the lakes at Balaton Sound in Hungary, Wilderness Festival in England, the new lake at Lightning in a Bottle , or any other festival with water you can think of, swimwear will be your most comfortable and stylish option.

Wolven Threads

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The Awakening swimsuit by Wolven Threads.

I cannot sing the praises of Wolven Threads enough! Made from recycled plastic water bottles, these swimsuits are both a sustainable and stylish investment. Each psychedelic print is designed in Los Angeles by Kiran Mukunda and her boyfriend Will Ryan. Every piece of their line is made from moisture wicking material so it dries quickly and is comfortable wet or dry, make these suits perfect for that mid-dance floor dip in the lake or misty spray-down. Easily styled as a bodysuit, Wolven Threads suits are must-haves for all festival fashionistas.

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For girls who prefer black and white, the Shanti suit above is reversible, offering a multitude of outfit combos.

“I see festival fashion as being an opportunity to express your most creative, radiant self. In using sustainable fabrics and sacred, geometric imagery, we are hoping to set the vibration for a more Earth-loving and ethical future within festival culture,” exclaimed Kiran Mukunda, founder of Wolven Threads.

Use code “GlitterSpies” for 20% off your next Wolven Threads purchase.


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Polychrome “Elephant” Performance Tank and Adventure Shorts.

Guys tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to festie swimwear but Polychrome has you covered! Their shorts feature four deep zip pockets, a secret pocket in the waistband, and fabric fit for swimming. The fabric is Hyperluxe Aqua, an incredibly stretchy performance fabric designed to dry quickly and cool you down, so you're free to embark on sweaty, action-packed adventures without a worry in the world.

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These shorts aren’t waterproof but I had to include them! Polychrome “Ocean’s Heart” Performance Tank and Shorts .

“Polychrome is all psychedelic activewear and I was inspired by the duality of music festivals. At a festival, you’re constantly moving and expressing yourself. So, you need clothing that is artistic but also functional and performance-based. No one wants to be hot and sweaty, but no one wants to look like they’re coming from P.E. class. Artistic activewear solves both of those problems,” explained Eric Wu, creator of Polychrome.

Jaded London

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Just throw a kimono over it! Jaded London Pink Snake Swimsuit.

No matter your preferred color palette or festie style, Jaded London has a swimsuit for every badass babe on the dance floor.

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Jaded London Motocross one piece.

Created in 2013 by siblings Jade and Grant Goulden, their inspiration ranges from East London to L.A. to Asia and it’s apparent in their funky, loud and ahead-of-the-trends prints.


Author Tessla Venus in a vintage swimsuit at Sunset Campout.

If you’re looking for something truly one of a kind, shop for vintage swimsuits. For girls and guys, looking to the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s can prove to be the most stylish and affordable solution. Online, Etsy or eBay will be your best bet. Sometimes Tunnel Vision has great ones but they go quickly!

Vintage Jantzen men’s swim trunks.

Another tip is to just hit up your local Goodwill or other area thrift or vintage stores. Always search the swim section, the kids section (they like to hide in there!) and go through the tank tops (sometimes they mix them in there).

Margarita Mermaid

Margarita Mermaid Triton’s Daughter Top & Bottoms.

If you’re really a mermaid, you cannot go into festival season without one of Margarita Mermaid’s whimsical creations.

Margarita Mermaid Sea Princess Top & Bottoms.

From metallic teal bikinis to cream-colored, shell-cup one pieces, she has something for every mermaid under the sea and on the festival grounds. Hop on over now because they are having a sale during the month of June.

Lee + Lani

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Lee + Lani “Mirage” top.

If you have a bigger budget and can afford to splurge, Lee + Lani is the way to go. Their swimsuits are super high-quality and feature intricate cut-outs, mesh and netting.

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Lee + Lani “Electric Avenue” one piece.

Fashion and music come together in their latest collection featuring guitars, keyboards and disco balls.