The 7 Best Festival Tents

Article by: Art Gimbel

Thu September 19, 2013 | 00:00 AM

The summer festival season may be drawing to a close, but that doesn't mean that the fun has to end, even when it comes to camping. Festivals year-round allow for an outdoor experience, from rustic to extravagant. Here are our favorite options for extraordinary festival camping.

1. Traditional yurt: Naadam, Mongolia

Photo credit: Sergelen via Flickr Creative Commons

Go rustic in Mongolia for the Naadam Festival with these traditional shelters. Not quite to lap of luxury, but perhaps the most authentic of festival tents. 

2. Hexayurt: Burning Man, USA

Photo: The HexaYurt Project

Inspired by the Mongolian yurt, these DIY structures assemble with duct tape and cords, effectively blocking out the sun and dust. You can find plans at the Hexayurt Project which encourages "free hardware housing for the world."

3. FieldCandy Tents: What-a-Melon

Photo credit: FieldCandy

Want the juiciest tent at the festival? Look no further than FieldCandy's creative offerings. 

4. Gypsy Wagon: Secret Garden Party, UK

Photo credit: Secret Garden Party

Like to garden (party) in style? Check out one of the Secret Garden Party's epic boutique camping options which include a gypsy wagon. 

5. Safari Tents: Coachella, USA

Photo credit: Coachella

Go big at Coachella this year. Like, really big. Check out the backstage Safari tents. It'll only set you back about $6500 for double occupancy.

6. VW Camper Tent

Photo credit: Amazon

Didn't get that car camping pass? Don't be bummed, just get this full-size VW Camper Tent.

7. The Ice Hotel: Kiruna Snow Festival, Sweden  

Photo credit: The Ice Hotel

Want a winter camping experience? Your accommodations are made up of the very material your "tent" is trying to keep out. At Sweden's Kiruna Snow Festival you can have a one-of-a-kind experience snug under reindeer pelts in your very own igloo.