The Coolest Festival Onesies for Any Mood

Photo by: Anya
by Tessla Venus Goodwin | @GlitterSpies Wed March 01, 2017 | 08:00 AM

Whether you call them jumpsuits, onesies, bodysuits or magical playsuits, there’s no denying the power of the one-piece getup on the dance floor. Donning a onesie is easy, breezy and can make anyone look good in an instant.

Are you a pajama man or a sparkly disco queen? Cute and cuddly Pikachu or camo man with a plan? Whatever your style or mood, you’re guaranteed to find a onesie to fit. Here are some tips on where and how to score the onesie of your dreams.

Disco & Sparkly

We Are All Onesie2

We Are All Onesie onesie. Photo by: Helen Olds

For girls and guys alike, the glamour and excitement of the Studio 54 era can be revived through a sparkly jumpsuit. Under the blazing sun or the laser dome at night, holographic, sequined and glittery ensembles are simply the best. The one above by We Are All Onesie is made of holographic velvet!

Little Black Diamond2

“I am such a fan of onesies and the onesie lifestyle ever since I started making them a couple years ago. I think it's the easiest outfit to choose for a festival or party, and is a great conversation starter when you find a great one that fits well. Plus they are so comfortable!” said Helen Olds, creator of We Are All Onesie.

The bodysuits below are named after Stevie Nicks by Little Black Diamond. They evoke the spirit of disco-fabulousness with their elongated sleeves and look like they can cast spells upon the dance floor.

Angel Kitana

Angel Pai modeling a onesie by Kitana. Photo by: Anya

“Many of my onesies including the mesh [ones] are also swimsuits. You can either wear them alone or layer whatever you want on top, allowing for infinite styling possibilities. It is an instant look on its own or a great foundation to build your fantasy look. They are self-contained, comfortable and I love them because, personally, I don’t like wearing pants,” exclaimed Adrienne Shon, founder of Little Black Diamond.


Warrior Within Jumbie Art Festival Onesie Lizzie Rose Media

Paris Sinclair wearing a Warrior Within x Jumbie Art onesie. Photo by: Lizzie Rose Media

For the perfect long, strange trip, dress the part. One of the best parts about festivals is being able to wear wild outfits and receive nothing but praise from your comrades. Luckily, Jumbie Art teamed up with Warrior Within to create some of the trippiest onesies ever. They are rainbow intergalactic and blacklight reactive.

Warrior Within Jumbie Art Festival Onesie Lizzie Rose Media 2

Warrior Within x Jumbie Art onesies. Photo by: Lizzie Rose Media

Most pieces from We are All Onesie or Warrior Within have hoods for added style and warmth on those chilly nights.

We Are All Onesie Reid Godshaw Harmonic Light

Krishan Khalsa wearing a We Are All Onesie x Reid Godshaw (Harmonic Light) onesie Photo by: Helen Olds

“Besides the fact that onesies are incredibly comfortable, I love the Kitana onesies because they make me feel like a superhero! They are incredibly form fitting, which enhances the curves of my body and wear like a second skin so I can play in them without getting snagged. On top of it all, they are created to have a quick restroom access,” said Shannon, founder of Kitana .

Kitana Festival Onesie Ruprecht Studios

Shannon Shiang wearing a Kitana onesie. Photo by: Peter Ruprecht Studios


Timothy Onesie

Photo by: Hal Bergman

Wearing a one-piece uniform that you would usually see in a completely different context can add unexpected flavor at a festival. Some jobs require you to wear a onesie – but take them out of the work place, and suddenly your job is about having the most fun as humanly possible. Think auto-mechanic, soldier or house painter. Your local army surplus store or uniform closeout store can be a treasure trove.


Tipsy Elves Onesie Kyle Is Batman Now

Vintage ski suit, Wolven Threads bra top. Photo by: Kyle Is Batman Now

Animals, fleece pajamas and vintage ski suits are great options for chilly festival weather. For new ski suits, Tipsy Elves make a few great options for festivals, such as their pink-and-yellow combo and white-with-rainbow combo.

Festie Drops1

FestiDrops has some dope limited edition collabs with visionary artists in the festival community. Some of them even have butt flaps!


We Are All Onesie3

We Are All Onesie unicorn onesies. Photo by: Helen Olds

If you’re actually a unicorn – which I’m sure many of you are – this onesie is full on, and great for girls and guys.

The two below are great in terms of long and short options, as well. They feature an exclusive Rita Lux print on recycled PET fabric made from plastic bottles. They will be available for pre-order via Helen’s Kickstarter campaign.

We Are All Onesie1We Are All Onesie unicorn onesies. Photo by: Helen Olds

“The festival community is great because people support you and compliment you the more outlandish and colorful you look, which is perfect for my aesthetic. Fashion is such a great creative outlet and way to express yourself and your individuality. Self expression leads to a happier life and I love seeing people live their Joy,” said Helen Olds of We Are All Onesie.


Alter Ego Onesies Jess Bernstein Photo

Alter Ego onesies. Photo by: Jess Bernstein

The most useful clothes for festivals can be worn and styled many different ways. Alter Ego offers one-pieces that can be worn up to six different ways simply by wrapping the fabric in different ways. “When I lived in Arizona, I wanted to stand out from the crowd in an eccentric monokini but was afraid of developing unusual tanlines. I created the multikini to solve this problem, [by] envisioning a bodysuit that could easily change from one piece to two,” said Elise, founder of Alter Ego.

Alter Ego Onesies Jess Bernstein 2

Alter Ego onesies. Photo by: Jess Bernstein

“After moving to San Diego, I was further inspired by the wild art and music festival scene, which emboldened me to expand the boundaries of my self expression. Understanding that women not only want to look gorgeous, but to express their own ever-evolving style and personality, I developed a swimwear line with endless style options that allows women the freedom to be themselves and change their minds,” Elise, founder of Alter Ego, explained.

The onesie look is a staple of festival favorite, Little Black Diamond. The ones below are incredible because they are reversible! The silver holographic also has a black side, while the rainbow version has a white side.

Little Black Diamond1

“The festival community is everything to me. This is my fourth year doing Little Black Diamond full time. I didn’t expect the number one benefit of starting your own business [would] be meeting incredible people, but it is! We are all artists expressing ourselves in different ways. The most rewarding thing is people you connect with. What you end up creating together is so much more than I could have on my own,” said Adrienne of Little Black Diamond.

Who makes your favorite festival onesies? Let us know!