The Ultimate Glitter Guide for Festival-Goers

Article by: Tessla Venus Goodwin|@GlitterSpies

Fri September 15, 2017 | 10:45 AM

All that glitters is gold in the festival world. In the past three to five years, festival attire has slowly shifted from mostly earth tones and natural materials to a cacophony of sparkles, sequins and shimmers of every kind. Every part of your body can and should be adorned with glimmery magic that makes you and everyone around you feel good – because that’s really what it’s all about!

Let’s break it down by each body part and see the best ways to step up your sparkle game.


You can begin your sparkly journey with your hair. Hair tinsel is a really fun way to add a little sparkle without going too wild. It comes in seventeen rainbow colors and is pretty inexpensive. Using the same method as feather extensions, you can easily put these in yourself or enlist a friend.

You can also braid or wrap glittery yarn and crystals into your hair wraps, or embellish with Rust Locks. If any of this sounds too involved, there’s always tried-and-true glitter hair.


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For guys, the glitter beard or mustache is an absolute must. The best way to make it stick is to use hair gel with a brush and then paint the glitter on. If you want it to be more subtle, use coconut oil.


Lighting In A Bottle Haley Busch Glitter 3

Photo by: Haley Busch

Whether you choose a crown, hood, hat or headpiece, you’ll feel like a star when your head is shiny. Hats are also one of the easiest things to decorate yourself.

Festival Universe Hood & Dream Coat Photo By Jan Peter

Photo by: Jan Peter

This hood (above) from Festival Universe can also be worn as a scarf and has a secret pocket.


Bio Glitz Face Photo By Saba Gray 2

Bio Glitz face. Photo by: Saba Gray

The most important thing to remember about glittering your face is to use cosmetic-grade glitter. Craft glitter is made out of metal and can seriously damage your skin in the long run. It’s also damaging to the environment. Whenever possible, choose a biodegradable option, especially on the face. Shine responsibly with Bio Glitz .

When it comes to face gems and metallic tattoos, Glo Tatts are the most beautiful options.

Jamie Janett Graden Photo By Lizzie Rose

Jamie Janett Graden. Photo by: Lizzie Rose

If you’re feeling creative, you can create your own designs by getting gems at the craft store like in the photo above. Eyelash glue will make them stick.


Glitter Photo By Haley Busch 2
Photo by: Haley Busch

You can adorn your eyes themselves with glitter eyelashes and Bio Glitz but bedazzled glasses and sunglasses are the best way to make your eyes truly sparkle! The best glasses come from Rebel Kitty and Sparkl .


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The best sparkly lip gloss out there is the Lime Crime “Diamond Crushers” collection. It comes in a bunch of metallic colors and looks different depending on what the bottom layer is.


Tessla Venus Photo By Emily Cummings

Tessla Venus. Photo by: Emily Cummings

One of the latest trends to hit the festival scene is getting small Swarovski crystals glued to your teeth. They are called Tooth Gems. They can last anywhere from six months to three years. The best way to get one of these it to ask someone who has them where they got their gems done. It’s really fun to experience people’s reactions when they notice even your teeth are glittering.

Photo By Sood Yod Panda

Photo by: Sood Yod Panda

If you are really committed, you can get a grill for one or more of your teeth too!


Glitter Photo By Haley Busch 1

Photo by: Haley Busch

You can use eyelash glue to stick gems in any sort of design to your body, like the woman above. For guys, try a sequin beaded vest or metallic mesh shirt.

To anyone who says all sparkles are created equally, feast your eyes on this rainbow flip sequin bodysuit from Lux Muse , below. Whoa .

Lux Muse Bodysuit

Lux Muse bodysuit. Photo by: Lux Muse

There’s nothing that compares to the hand-sequined “Dream Coats” from Festival Universe . If you have a bigger budget, these are definitely worth the investment. Each one is one-of-a-kind, so it will be uniquely you!


Glitter Photo By Haley Busch 3

Photo by: Haley Busch

Try finding killer vintage sequin jackets and kimonos lurking at your local thrift store or online via Etsy. Arm covers from Sea Dragon Studio are also a great way to add sparkle and a little warmth to any outfit.


Glitter Photo By Haley Busch 5
Photo by: Haley Busch

Never forget that your back should be as sparkly or even more sparkly than your front!

Fringe Epaulette Kimono Photo By Michael Drummond

 Fringe & Epaulette Kimono. Photo by: Michael Drummond

The sequin kimonos from Fringe & Epaulette are extremely well made and lightweight. They also have traditional kimono sleeves.

Legs and Butt

Photo By Joyce Ng

Photo by: Joyce Ng

For those who want a subtle glimmer, these AD Now pants and shorts are perfect.

Voyage In Shiny Bells Photo By Joyce Ng

Voyage in shiny bells. Photo by: Joyce Ng

Holographic, shiny material looks great on everyone! From bell bottoms to leggings to shorts and skirts, these looks will make you stand out on the dance floor.


Lighting In A Bottle Haley Busch Glitter 8

Photo by: Haley Busch

When shopping for glittery, shiny boots or sneakers, make sure they won’t cause a ton of MOOP! (Matter Out of Place). You can test this by rubbing them. If glitter comes off on your hands, don’t buy them. They’ll leave a big mess. The best places to get sparkly shoes are from Dolls Kill . They carry Current Mood and Demonia. YRU also has some fabulous options.

If being barefoot is more your thing, these crystal barefoot sandals are amazing!

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Public service announcement: It's important to remember that sequins, sparkles and glitter that come loose create MOOP (Matter Out Of Place). Please be vigilant about MOOP and when you see MOOP (even if it's not yours) pick it up and dispose of it properly; if it's not you picking it up, someone else will eventually have to, 'cause Leave No Trace.