There Will Be Swimming at Lightning in a Bottle This Year!

Article by: Laura Mason|@masonlazarus

Fri March 17, 2017 | 12:30 PM

You know how Lightning in a Bottle takes place on the banks of a dry lake bed? Well, it ain't dry anymore. After California's intense bout of winter storms that seemed to last forever, Lightning in a Bottle's lake is at 50% capacity and it will still be that way once festies descend upon the area for the festival weekend.

And you know what that means....SWIMMING! For the first time in the festival's history, attendees will be able to take a dip whenever it strikes their fancy, because the lake has started to creep up between the peninsulas and is deep enough to swim in all along the festival coastline. Per LIB's blog: "This is very exciting since not only will the stages be along the water, but the campgrounds as well!" Not only that, but the festival grounds will likely be a little less dusty (although you should still bring something to mitigate the dust getting into your lungs), and a lot more green!


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Lightning In A Bottle Lake 2017 Jean Khajarian

Photo by: Jean Khajarian

Of course, there are swimming do's and don'ts. LIB's blog has a handy list of them:


"Swim with a buddy! In addition to swimming, you will be able to bring floaties, inflatable rafts, paddle boards, and canoes to enjoy the beautiful water of Lake San Antonio. Relax and float around! Even T-Rexes can go out for a tranquil paddle adventure!"


"No boats, jet skis or motorized water craft of any kind are permitted during the festival, so please leave anything like that at home. Don’t swim without a buddy! There will not be designated lifeguards, so all swimming and lake activities will be at your own risk."

See you on the water this Memorial Day Weekend!