This UK Festival Keeps Making Its Event More and More Eco-Friendly

Article by: Laura Mason|@masonlazarus

Fri May 04, 2018 | 13:05 PM

Single-use plastic is getting closer and closer to becoming a thing of the past at UK festivals. Recently, we told you about 61 British festivals who are part of the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF), an organization that announced it would ban single-use plastic by 2021. Bestival and its sister fest Camp Bestival are part of AIF, and their founder Rob da Bank announced they would get a head start on things by only serving water in fully recyclable cans this year.

The fests have partnered with CanO Water to supply natural spring water that comes in cans which, CanO Water claims, has the highest recycling rate of any drink in the UK market. "Once recycled, a can could be back on a shelf in as little as six weeks," notes UK website

This canned water's design can be especially handy for those who haven't yet invested in a reusable water bottle (seriously, what are you waiting for?!), because it can come with a resealable lid so you can use it over and over again before chucking it. The company says these lids don’t affect the recycling process. The cans also come with standard ring pulls. We're not sure yet which will be available at Bestival yet.

Along with the aforementioned benefits of aluminum cans, CanO Water's website boasts: "As well as protecting the water from direct sunlight, which can result in harmful toxins seeping into the water from the plastic lining...[it] will also ensure your water is chilled for longer than your typical plastic bottle." also says: "Cans are among the lightest drinks containers around, reducing emissions from their transportation. 75% of aluminium produced since 1888 is supposedly still in use today, thanks to effective recycling."

Heck yeah. We can't wait until more more festivals the world over follow suit.