Prepare to Be Dazzled by This Berlin Festival of Lights Video

Article by: Laura Mason | @masonlazarus
Published: Wed October 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Festival of Lights 2015 in Berlin

Turns out projection mapping has some pretty incredible uses outside of the traditional music festival setting, as proven by the incredible, annual Berlin Festival of Lights

Going on October 9 through 18, the 11-year-old festival reimagines the city's historical landmarks such as the Berlin Cathedral, the U.S. Embassy, the Brandenburg Gate, and Berlin City Palace as monumental light sculptures using projection mapping and dazzling, colorful lights. According to The Creators Project, a team of international artists have installed smaller light sculptures – like angel wings and massive playing cards, which you can see in the video – around the city's public spaces, including works by the festival's official ambassador, France's Thierry Noi, the German-Israeli OGE Creative Group, and SINOCA from Spain. The entire heart of the city feels like a stage for the festival's light shows, which attract hundreds of thousands to visitors to city each year.

The video above is just a taste of the amazing, artistic displays people are enjoying right now in Berlin, Germany.