Brazil's Universo Paralello 2015, Presented by Fest300

Article by: giulia lops
Published: Mon February 01, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Universo Paralello 2015 Presented by Fest300

On the shores of Pratigi Beach in Bahia, Brazil, the year 2015 came to an epic close as Universo Paralello's 20,000 attendees raved hard into the new year. What better way to end an entire year, full of baggage and stale memories, than with such a bang? 

To fully understand the special vibe of Universo Paralello, where "Planetary Citizens" mingle, dance, cook, eat, camp, and revel in their tropical environs, check out our video above produced in conjunction with Gypsy Road. It takes you along for a wild journey through the art, vendors, music, stages, dance floors, food, beaches, and campgrounds of Universo Paralello. You'll be swept up in the energy of everyone ready to greet 2016 with open arms and happy dances.