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Burning Man Teaches Kids Lessons They'd Never Learn in School

Article by: Laura Mason | @masonlazarus
Published: Thu September 14, 2017 | 03:00 PM

The Kids of Burning Man

Though many perceive "that thing in the desert" as one big, wild party with a bunch of naked people running around, Burning Man can actually be a very kid friendly place. Aside from the fantastic Kidsville (a place where kids learn Burning Man's principles and culture, and where they get to enjoy the best Burning Man camps, projects, and art cars in a controlled and developmentally appropriate atmosphere), there are so many experiences that can strengthen a family's bond and teach kids invaluable lessons they'd never learn in school.

If you've long considered taking your own children to Burning Man, there are many tips and tricks to know beforehand. But for the extra push you've needed to get yourself off the fence and finally on the playa, check out the video above. Made by Burning Man's media team, the video showcases interviews with Burner kids themselves (some of whom are stone-cold experts on playa life) as well as interviews with the parents who bring their kids along for the ride.