Yoga, Music & Magic: BaliSpirit Festival 2014 Photos

Article by: The Confluence

Wed March 26, 2014 | 00:00 AM

From the warm hearts of the Balinese people to the impeccably curated lineup of world musicians and global presenters, BaliSpirit Festival 2014 rocked our world. 


The production was a seamless integration of the best hands in Bali, and the exotic locales at which the festival took place filled us up with much more than pixels in our hard drive. 


We've covered festivals all over the globe, but BSF stands out for the warmth of its organizers and attendess as well as its accessiblity. Upon arrival we were immediately greeted by executive producer Meg Pappenheim, co-founder and creative director Rob Weber and Nadine "Universal Empress" McNeil. Rooted deep at the core of this festival is the rich Balinese culture that transported us from our western mindset and allowed us to be fully immersed in the magic that only Bali can provide. 


From the opening ceremony given by the High Priest of Indonesia, to the closing headliner Xavier Rudd (who went on an extra hour and a half), as well as all of the yoga, ecstatic dance, sound healing, Capoeria and other workshops you never knew existed (but now can't live without), full international diversity was in peak bloom for four amazing days and nights. 


Bali, we will soon leave your jungles and your shores, but you will never leave our hearts.


Words & images by The Confluence