You Can Be a Part of Holy Ship's ShipFam – Here's How

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by Kaylin Miller Fri January 05, 2018 | 01:00 AM

So, there's only a handful of days left to cross off on the calendar before your maiden Holy Ship! voyage, destined for warmer weather, blue skies and plenty of beach time. The Facebook groups have all been joined, the costumes have come together, the flights are booked and passport updated, and all you care about is dancing as much as possible while aboard the MSC Divina.

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Photo by: Josh Timmermans

So… what happens now? Are you ready to become a member of the Holy Ship Family? Are you…ShipFam? To an outsider, Shipfam has an Illuminati-esque feel. But if you can visualize yourself as part of the Shipfam, that fam will become people you share some of your favorite memories with. They have been known to open their homes, their circles, and their lives to one another, regardless of location or time of year. Holy Ship! is an experience like no other, and something that the ShipFam experiences together.

01 03 16 Dpv 0175 Holy Ship By Dave Vann

Photo by: Dave Vann

I am by no means an senior shipper, but what I am is curious and friendly – something that will serve you well also. I went on my first cruise and disembarked a goddess amongst mortals. So, this year, I decided to give back. I’m bringing my own Ship Virgin, and want to offer advice to my Padawan and others during their first Ship experience. What kind of advice comes first?

Ship Fam Costumes

Photo by: Erik Voake/Courtesy of Holy Ship!

First and foremost, make friends. You’re going to make friends whether you want to or not. Go to as many parties as possible. Break bread with ShipFam's mom and dad, the Buntings! Make it rain at HolyStrip! Get to know people on the dance floor! Talk to people in line with you! I came home from Ship with friends that I hope to keep forever.

Holy Ship 2014 Voake   09

Photo by: Voake

Some of the best advice I have ever been given that applies to every festival came to me from one of my dearest festie besties: Be early or spend your spend entire vacation waiting in lines. Holy crap, was she right. Do you want to spend hours of your precious vacation waiting around for things to happen? No. That plan sucks. Be early as often as possible. Get to know your new castle. Run some laps, check out the crystal stairs, investigate the pizza situation that no one ever shuts up about. Try and get to the island early. The mass of humans waiting to board those shuttles can get stuffy and cranky as the day wears on. Get your ass on that beach!

Holy Ship 2014 Voake   10

Photo by: Voake

And now, for some non-practical advice: Watch the sunset and/or sunrise at least once. On my maiden voyage, my friend made me (and our neighbors) stay up all night. We grabbed a bottle of champagne and headed up to the top deck to watch the sun come up, and there were no words to describe it. In the middle of the Caribbean, on a luxury cruise ship, surrounded by people you adore and music that moves is a dream.

01 03 16 Dpv 0175 Holy Ship By Dave Vann

Photo by: Dave Vann

Quoting Sgt. Buzzkill, "Respect the Ship." Respect the ship, respect the artists, respect each other, respect the ocean, respect the staff. For the most part, I do believe we are a very respectable bunch, so let's maybe not mess up that reputation. I am on vacation, you are on vacation, Justin Martin is on vacation. We are all here to have fun! Treat others as you want to be treated, and all that jazz.

01 03 16 Dpv 0175 Holy Ship By Dave Vann

Photo by: Dave Vann

And last but not least, welcome to the ShipFam. The journey you are now on and the bonds you are making can only be done by something as tight as family. Get ready to make friendships that last a lifetime, and memories to go with them.

And don’t forget: Use your room key to turn on the lights. You’re welcome.

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