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Hip Hop & Rap Festivals 2017 - 2018 Calendar

Hip Hop & Rap Festivals

When the beat drops, the heads bob and the rhythmic lyrics flow. An argument can be made that rap is one of the most popular musical genres in the world. It’s evolved through the decades (it is said the birth of hip-hop was in the Bronx, New York, in 1973), and is all over mainstream TV and radio. But being in the mainstream is nothing new for hip-hop and rap. The classic hip-hop radio stations are proof. And it’s more than music. It’s a lifestyle. An entire culture has been built around it, from dance to art. This culture is king at hip-hop and rap festivals taking place in cities all over the world. Some festivals feature hip-hop and rap alongside multiple genres, such as Rock in Rio USA in Las Vegas. Others focus on the hip-hop lifestyle, such as the San Francisco International Hip Hop DanceFest in California.

Hitway Music Festival Los Angeles, CA
Chiemsee Summer Festival Übersee, Germany
Hip Hop Kemp Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
Zomerparkfeest Venlo, Netherlands
Super City Summer Fest Oakland, CA
Mad Liberation Hammonton, NJ
515 Alive Music Festival Des Moines, IA
RAS DAY Festival Austin, TX
Fool's Gold Day Off Brooklyn, NY
Chicago Westside Music Festival Chicago, IL
Mad Decent Block Party Dallas, TX
Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival Wantagh, NY
New Jersey City Hip Hop Day Festival Jersey City, NJ
Mad Decent Block Party Toronto, ON
Decatur August Music Fest Decatur, AL
Festival Peachtree Latino Atlanta, GA

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Bass Center Hampton, VA
Oakland Drops Beats Oakland, CA
Power 107.5 Powerfest Columbus, OH
Nyege Nyege Festival Njeru, Uganda
Ward'in Rock Festival Bastogne, Belgium
Art of Rap Festival Detroit, MI
99.1 Hits FM AtlanticFest Paradise, NL
Mad Decent Block Party Morrison, CO
KS 107.5 All Stars Englewood, CO
Mad Decent Block Party Kansas City, MO
Hiero Day Oakland, CA
Dancefestopia Sugar Creek, MO
Hopscotch Music Festival Raleigh, NC
Mad Decent Block Party Berkeley, CA
Day N Night Festival Orange County, CA
ONE Musicfest Atlanta, GA
Dally in the Alley Detroit, MI
Mad Decent Block Party Eugene, OR
Lollapalooza Berlin Berlin, Germany
Valtifest Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Splat 90sFest New York, NY
JAM'N 94.5 Block Party Boston, MA
Mad Decent Block Party Chandler, AZ
Fool's Gold Day Off Fort Lauderdale, FL
Mad Decent Block Party Los Angeles, CA
Concrete & Grass Music Festival Shàng Hǎi, China
The Splat 90sFest PIttsburgh, PA
Mad Decent Block Party Chicago, IL
Oaktopia Denton, TX
UTOPiAfest Utopia, TX
Landmark Music Festival Washington, DC
iHeart Radio Music Festival Las Vegas, NV
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Upcoming Hip Hop & Rap Festivals

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