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Russia Festivals 2017 - 2018 Calendar

The Russia Festival Scene

Russia’s immense land mass touches Europe, the middle east and southeast Asia. From the colorful Kremlin to the frigid and rugged Siberia, Russia has a long-established heritage of festivals that blends the cultural influence of its neighbors. Russia’s storied Christian faith plays a heavy role in its festivals. Christmas, Easter, saint celebrations and other church celebrations are observed in large, festive experiences. With far-north latitude, Russia gets cold–very cold. However, its people tough it out and help persevere with winter festivals. Though many festivals are very traditional and celebrate the people, there are an abundance of modern music and art festivals to catch, as well.

Outline Festival Moskva, Russia
Alfa Future People Bolshoe Kozino, Russia
Nashestvie Tver, Russia
VK Fest Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
O, da! Eda! Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
Present Perfect Festival Saint Petersburg, Russia
Roof Music Fest Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
Beat Film Festival Moskva, Russia
Abstraction Festival Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
Far-Eastern Holi Festival Khabarovsk, Russia
Bosco Fresh Fest Moskva, Russia

Upcoming Russia Festivals

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