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We Are Fest Friends

We have brought together a passionate team dedicated to creating the best digital festival product in the galaxy. We are the founding team of Everfest, The Festival Authority. Want to join the tribe? Check out our open positions.

Jay Manickam  | Co-Founder, CEO^
  • First FestivalMaryland Renaissance Festival
  • Favorite FestivalBurning Man
  • Dream FestivalYi Peng Light Festival
Chip Conley  | Chief Strategy Officer^
  • First FestivalPageant of the Masters
  • Favorite FestivalBurning Man
  • Dream FestivalHoli in India
Adam Greenspan  | VP, Growth^
  • First Festival1984 Louisiana World Exposition
  • Favorite FestivalBlues on the Green 20 Years Ago
  • Dream FestivalLa Tomatina
Hadley Lambeth  | Director of Engineering^
  • First FestivalMardi Gras
  • Favorite FestivalCruisin the Coast
  • Dream FestivalLa Tomatina
Jessica Matarazzo  | Director of Operations^
  • First FestivalFeast of San Gennaro NYC
  • Favorite FestivalHangout Music Festival
  • Dream FestivalNapoli Pizza Village
Sunny the Bunny  | Party Animal^
  • First FestivalCarrot Fest
  • Favorite FestivalCarrot Fest
  • Dream FestivalThe Everfest