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Burns & Transformational Festivals 2018 - 2019 Calendar

Restival Hammersmith, United Kingdom
Blazing Swan Kulin, WA
ConFest Moulamein, NSW
Rabbits Eat Lettuce Kippenduff, NSW
Interstellar Gathering Bali, Indonesia
Lucidity Santa Barbara, CA
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AfrikaBurn Calvinia, South Africa
Serenity Gathering Oakdale, CA
Restival Pioneertown, CA
Building Man Sustainable Living Arts and Music Festival Green River, UT
Saguaro Man Concho, AZ
InterFuse Waynesville, MO
FORM Arcosanti Mayer, AZ
Midburn Sde Boker, Israel
Burning Flipside Rockdale, TX
Playa del Fuego Townsend, DE
Playa del Fuego Townsend, DE
Scorched Nuts Rutland, OH
SoulPlay Festival Pinecrest, CA
Enchanted Forest Gathering Laytonville, CA
Beardfest Music Festival Hammonton, NJ
Nowhere Castejón de Monegros, Spain
Waha Festival Bățanii Mari, Romania
Transformus Cascade, WV
Beloved Festival Tidewater, OR
Psy-Fi Psychedelic Music and Arts Festival Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Mad Liberation Hammonton, NJ
Burning Man Black Rock City, NV
Audio Farm One Tribe Festival Malpas, United Kingdom
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Burns & Transformational Festival List

Burns and transformational festivals are typically counterculture festivals that have a value system or ethos such as personal self-discovery, living healthy, indivudual expression (often through art), and social responsibility. Most of these events incorporate elements of traditional festivals such as music, film, art, lectures and food but are usually held in remote outdoor locations and involve a highly particpatory and inclusive expectation of attendees. Many of these festivals espouse a Leave No Trace Behind philosophy, including the most well known, Burning Man, held in Nevada's Black Rock desert annually, a pilgrimidge for 80,000+ "Burners". There are now offical and unoffical regional burns all over the world.

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