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Vernon Blades Park|901 N. B St, Bridgeton, NC | Map

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The Bridgeton Blueberry Festival first began in 1996. Two blueberry farms, the Morris Blueberry Farm and the Nelson Blueberry Farm, both have had great success as stand alone farms. The Blueberry Festival helped to add to their successes along with bringing awareness that there is a town of Bridgeton. The last Blueberry Festival was celebrated in 2004 due to an aging community and a decrease in volunteers. Time passed and the Bridgeton River Fest sparked in 2011 and lasting until 2013. Some citizens of Bridgeton just never let that fire die, knowing that Bridgeton needed to grow and needed to still celebrate that luscious little blueberry. The Bridgeton Community Watch, a subset of the Bridgeton Improvement Committee, fanned the barely glowing ember and caused it to erupt into a festival that was enormous for the size of a small town of 400 people. Beginning as a one-day event in 2016 and titled Bridgeton BlueberryFest, approximately 2000 people turned out to eat blueberry pancakes, blueberry desserts, enjoy food, music, and crafts, and purchase enough cases of blueberries that three farms sold out of their ripe stock! Early bird gets the blueberry! Growing on our 2016 festival, the Bridgeton BlueberryFest returns for a second year, adding water activities of paddleboard, flotilla, water tours of the Neuse River, and possibly a pirate invasion! Additions of a 5k run/walk for Children's Miracle Network on Saturday, more vendors, more food, getting to know the businesses of Bridgeton, kids rides and bounce houses, all day music from TCB Karaoke and DJ, Friday night music of the Pamlico Sound Machine to bring in the flotilla, and a concert of beach music by The Breeze Band will bring our second year to a close. Come enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors of Bridgeton!