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We are all the world’s celebrations

Our Mission

Life's a wonderful journey. You have to find the clowns that make you happy and ride the magic. Everfest's core mission is to bring people together offline in celebration. We understand the irony as a tech company, but if we do our jobs right, the connections you make here at Everfest will turn into experiences you share at festivals all over the world for the rest of your life.

Our Festival Future

In 2015, more than 120 million people attended a festival in the United States with global attendance approaching half a billion per year. Festivals are a top-five media category worldwide and the core economic impact event of many cities and towns. As Everfest continues to bring the festival community online, we hope you discover that The World's a Festival.

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Hundreds of Festivals.
One Everfest.

Working with premier festival partners and industry insiders, Everfest engages festival fans through Everfest Premium, the world’s first members club for festival enthusiasts featuring exclusive perks, essential gear and expert advice. Our tiered membership plans cater to every level of festival fan, bringing festival lifestyle to everyday life, rewarding responsible celebration and empowering leaders in the festival community.

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Fest300 brings the world’s best festivals to life, in one place for the first time. Curated by our team of seasoned travel and festival experts, we present a curated list of the world’s best festivals in colorful words and visuals. From celebrations of music, film, and food, to rituals of the sacred, silly and profane, we explore the transformational territory of festivals around the globe and invite you to come with us!

The Fest300 List

Our Camps

The Mothership

We are headquartered in Austin, Texas

The Outpost

Our San Francisco office is a trip

What Is A Festival?

Events take place around us all the time, yet there is something different about a festival that transcends everyday experiences and creates a mirror that reflects our own humanity. Similar to love, it is a state that is hard to describe, but we all know it when we feel it.

At Everfest, we have created a Fest Test to help guide our mission. We refer to the Fest Test to decide if an event is merely that — or if it is something greater: a festival. These are not absolute criteria that will apply in every case, but rather philosophical qualities that are representative in most, and certainly the best, festivals.

The Everfest Fest Test

  1. Festivals have an ethos of discovery and are about having fun.
  2. Festivals are multi-dimensional, encourage participation, and offer various types of activities and stimuli.
  3. Festivals can include anyone with the means to attend. They may charge for admission but should not discriminate by race, age, gender, religion, or otherwise be private clubs.
  4. Festivals physically occur in the real world. They remind us that there is a human social network where we meet old and new friends.
  5. Festivals should be celebrations worthy of the test of time. They should recur or intend to recur.

Everfest In A Nutshell

Our festival market platform enables millions of festival fans per month to discover festivals, book unique travel and share amazing memories. Everfest is redefining the festival media category. Our festival universe spans more than 18,000 festival pages across 12 categories, seven continents and 97 countries — and we're growing every day.

Everfest covers the entire festival stack, bringing together festival organizers, fans, vendors, artists and sponsors onto one platform and delivering value to each through increased ticket sales and awareness, marketplace tools streamlining interactions, and highly coveted traffic for brands.