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Those who are loyal to Burning Man and Coachella should see familiar faces at Lucidity. This music-and-art festival, whose name refers to those dreams that are so vivid they feel real, is good at getting people in such trancelike states that many leave this event feeling like their lives have been changed, or at least shifted, usually for the better.

Over a spring weekend, Live Oak, the rustic campground that hosts the annual gathering (and the former home of Lightening in a Bottle, another ethereal campout festival), gets filled with attendees who are free-spirited, experimental, and simply into the sheer joy of human movement. There are beautiful hippies with dreadlocked hair, crocheted outfits, and bare bellies, as well as yogis, drummers, and hula-hoopers of all stripes. It’s truly an immersive experience that involves plenty of music, art, and dance, of course, but also some unexpected surprises, including elaborate light shows, acrobats and aerialists. At night, things turn glow-in-the-dark, with both fire and neon.

Lucidity is half wild party and half earthy assemblage but somehow it all comes together to become something unlike anything else.

Burner-Based Beginnings

Lucidity started when Jonah Haas got involved with an art installation called Walkabout Woods, during which he painted dozens of fake trees for 2011’s Burning Man. Soon he, along with some well-connected, likeminded co-founders, had amassed hundreds of volunteers who were on board to create a new kind of community that involved music, dance, and some serious late-night festivities. Lucidity still relies heavily on its volunteer force to make everything happen.

Preserving the Past

Each year, Lucidity has a theme that permeates its many presentations, such as 2015’s theme, elders and ancestors. Visitors could expect to pay homage to the wisdom of those who came before us via all the art forms that present themselves at this festival, from the live music on the three main stages to the spoken-word artists that appear in the smaller venues, down even to the local vendors who sell food that’ll transport you back to a simpler, wiser time.

Not surprisingly, Lucidity is a very environmentally conscious event: Trash management is strict and thorough, there’s a contest whose winner has the eco-friendliest campsite, and an oft-repeated motto: "Leave it better.”

The “Villages”

Over the past few years, Lucidity has expanded to such a degree that it now includes seven themed areas (attendees call them “villages”), all of which have their own area in the campground, not to mention their own discrete Facebook communities.

In “Warrior’s Way” activities, including classes, center around energy and nature awareness, the martial arts, and drum and dance circles. “Nomad’s Nook” offers midnight-to-midnight electronic music, plus travel-themed and self-reliance workshops. Those who hang out in “Lovers Nest,” in their own words, “welcome you to heart-centered music and wisdom, ritual of song, tea and elixirs.” “Healing Sanctuary” is where to go for, quite literally, space to heal, while “Trickster’s Playground” has an adult jungle gym and “Goddess Grove” celebrates the divine feminine, mainly through dance.

Bring the Kids

The seventh “village” at Lucidity is called “Family Garden,” proving that though an initial description of Lucidity might not sound kid-friendly, it actually is. Take your little ones here for safe play spaces, arts and crafts, children’s music, dance, food, and unique workshops all doing a pretty good job of catering to the very young. It’s a perfect venue for a first festival experience, and it’s also here in the Family Garden that the grand finale parade happens on Sunday, providing festive and meaningful closure to the weekend’s myriad events.

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