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Unfortunately, many festivals and events in the UK inevitably fall fowl to increased noise restrictions and other sound limitations – but not the aptly named Noisily Festival. Set miles from the urban sprawl, deep in the rural heartland of the UK, Noisily lives up to its name as the loudest of all great British festivals, contained and boxed in by a small section of the Coney Woods' awe-inspiring surroundings. Here, drum-and-bass, techno, house, electro, glitch, breaks and progressive dance music form this raw, back-to-nature rave, where a diverse, potent mix of candy ravers, house gangsters, and progressive freaks rub shoulders in the spirit of one united love: noise. Loud, unabashed noise.

It’s all put on without a hint of corporate sponsorship for miles; those trusting enough to give up their amenities and brave the boonies are rewarded thoroughly. Free ads, cookie-cutter hot dog stands and draconian entry queues, you'll have an unforgettable time. Noisily shuns overselling the space to keep things intimate, small and refreshingly real. Seriously, what other festivals can you hang out with visiting UFOs and chow down on some grub in their cosmic kitchen? Exactly.

Into the Woods

If you decide to take a trip to the woods, be prepared for a truly unhinged and hands-on festival experience. It's a small, intimate, yet raucous affair, and not necessarily only for those in the know – just anyone who wants an good old, uninhibited rave in the forest. Whether you’re raving to the likes of Stephan Bodzin, Lab Four, Ital Tek, or Patrice Baumel, or embarking on a blissful stroll through the enchanting surroundings, you'll need to bring some outdoor gear to see you through. It’s this raw, unpolished quality that makes Noisily so special – great music, great vibes and not a whiff of pretension in sight. Noisily is all about getting truly stuck in the experience.

Bringing the Noise

Tailored for the ravers who are fed up with weak sound-systems and party lovers who want to be immersed in another world, Noisily's ultimate USP is the envy of festivals the world over. The secluded forest setting means the sound is louder here than most, allowing for more amped up fun across its three main stages: Liquid (psytrance), Noisily (techno) and Treehouse (bass music). The cream of UK and international underground talent from all genres also lay in wait on the comically titled Nicholas Cage, Yeti Tent and Bassport Gazebo satellite stages. Noisily Festival doesn’t take itself too seriously; the one thing they do take seriously, however, is having a spellbinding time.

Take a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

Aside from all the music, Noisily also brings a veritable feast of performance art, installations, digital creations and much more. Lately, there's been even more of a tone-down on Noisily's rave vibe, and more of a shift towards an emphasis on wellness, sustainability and art, in order to add a more varied, immersive experience for attendees. Chill out in a hammock, hang around Noisily's healing area, play some games and soak up the sounds, sights and fresh air of the festival's magnificent woodland setting – all essential for taking a breather from the music.

Décor is curated throughout the festival by in house art director Ruth Herbert. The team's attention to detail is second to none, from the gold trimmings of the Liquid stage to psychedelic woodland canopies and play areas. For those who miss Glade Festival or find the Secret Garden Party a bit too big, then Noisily's adventurous vibe is a more than adequate replacement.

History and Past Lineups

Noisily hasn't hatched a huge plan to take over the festival world – instead it's kept the love insular and tight-knit, making it one of the most unique and unspoiled festival vibes around. It started in 2012 as a small, 300-person gathering, and in 2015 saw the festival welcome 3,000 people with a few more expected in 2016.

  • 2015: Crowds were kept entertained by the likes of Stephan Bodzin, Whyt Noyz, Ital Tek, Victor Ruiz and Terrorbyte.
  • 2014: The festival upped its game considerably with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Max Cooper, Slam, Greg Wilson, Session Victim, 2562, and Groove Assassin.
  • 2013: Noisily returned with Perfect Stranger, James Monroe, Mak & Pasteman, and many more.
  • 2012: Spectrasoul, Mark Broom, Jay Shepheard, Audio Bullys, Wildkats, Death on The Balcony, and more helped the festival's inauguration.

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