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Clarke Estate|10211 Pioneer Blvd, Santa Fe Springs, CA | Map

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🌐 SFS Art Fest 2022 “Relative Space” where we find ourselves… This year’s theme is a reflection of how we are effected by the experience of space, within and around through time. ___________________________ The SFS Art Fest kicks off on Thursday, May 5th, with the Preview & Art Showcase reception where over 500 works of art will be on display. Guests will enjoy the evening coalescing with artists, film directors, and actors experiencing art with the community. On Friday, May 6th, the festival will open to celebrate creativity in our community by supporting art programming and help raise funds for creative youth programs. This event unites arts awareness and provides an opportunity for business and community partners to market their unique services to impact inspiration that can flow into surrounding communities and beyond! This free local event is filled with energetic music, entrancing art, live entertainment, independent film showings, engaging installations, chalk artists, delicious food, craft vendors, pop-up artists, jewelry vendors, and so much more! Visitors can immerse themselves in this year’s SFS Film Fest with film screenings in the open courtyard of the Clarke Estate, which was built in 1919 by architect Irving Gill. Beyond the visual motion of the courtyard is the neighboring dimension of Angel Acordagoitia, this year’s Featured Artist, who visually immerses optical perspectives with his stunning luminescent artwork. Artists will be exhibiting a body of work in a Pop-up Gallery Style Exhibit. ___________________________ SAVE THE DATES 🎉 ➡️ Preview & Art Showcase (Free Entry) Thursday, May 5, 2022 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM Clarke Estate / 10211 Pioneer Blvd., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 ➡️ Santa Fe Springs Art Festival (Free Entry) Friday, May 6th, 2022 3:00 PM - 11:00 PM Clarke Estate / 10211 Pioneer Blvd., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 ___________________________ 📑 APPLICATIONS 📲💻🖥 Artists, submit your work for exhibition and if you’d like to sell your artwork and/or crafts, you can also register as a vendor! ✅ Artist Application is LIVE - Deadline 4/21 ✅ Installation Application is LIVE - Deadline 4/21 ✅ Film Application is LIVE - Deadline 3/30 ✅ School Application (for teachers) - 4/21 ✅ Vendor / Pop-Up Application - 4/15 🟢 Exhibit and/or Sell - 🟢 Submit your film - ___________________________ 🎆 2022 FEATURED ARTIST 🔹 ANGEL ACORDAGOITIA / Featured Artist ___________________________ 🎆 2022 EXHIBITION JURY 🔹 PAM KORPORAAL - Jury Director 🔹 Dennis McGonagle - Judge 🔹 George Rodriguez - Judge 🔹 Maya Hivale - Judge ___________________________ 🎆 2022 ENTERTAINMENT 🔹 TRINERE / Headliner 🔹 ROCKY KRAMER / Guest Musician & Composer 🔹 ALLIED ARTISTS & MUTT PRODUCTION / Guest Film Companies 🔹 BRANDON KEROPIAN / Guest Director & Producer 🔹 GUILLERMO RIOS / Guest Flamenco Guitarist 🔹 ROCIO PONCE / Guest Flamenco Performer + Special Guest Appearances... ___________________________ 🎆 2022 FEATURED CURATORS 🔹 ANTHONY ORTIZ / Film Curator 🔹 JANET SEO / K-Art Group Curator 🔹 ROBERTO CHAVEZ / Photography Curator ___________________________ 🗣 Spread the word! 📡