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One of the most colorful festivals you are ever likely to see, the World Bodypainting Festival has wowed audiences since its creation in 1998. This bizarre event takes place over the course of a week each year in the picturesque south of Austria. Tasked with the job of organizing a summer event in the town of Seeboden, Alex Barendregt, (a local travel agent and founder of the festival) chose the body art theme after seeing an interesting photo one day.

While the festival was not an immediate success it has since grown to become the biggest and best event of its type in the world, founding the modern body painting art movement and attracting tens of thousands of visitors. In 2010 the venue was moved from Seeboden to Pörtschach, this charming holiday town offers a wide range of bars, cafés and restaurants, making it the perfect location to host the festival.

Artists and models from over 40 different countries do their best to shock and entertain visitors at the world championships for bodypainters. At the World Championships artistsfrom more than 40 different nations compete. Artists compete in the following categories: Brush/Sponge, Airbrush, Creative Make-up, Special-effects Make-up, Face Painting and the UV Award. Themes such as Artificial Intelligence are selected each year to help with the judging process.

The festival week starts with the WB Academy, which caters to the amateur make-up artists, body painters, photographers and models. There are a wide range of classes available catering to all levels with some of the best teachers in their fields holding workshops and seminars. The recent addition of the Global Bodypainting Conference has a more commercial focus with discussions and demonstrations of the various art products on offer.

Transformational Art

The human body has been used as a canvas by people and from all across the world for thousands of years. From make-up to tattoos, every culture in history has painted and adorned themselves in some form of celebration or ritual.

Both male and female models are selected by the artists. It is a regulation that models must be wearing underpants while painted and female models have the option to go topless if they wish. The vast majority of models are unpaid and volunteer to take part in this unique, transformational experience. Creating living breathing art takes patience, skill and a great deal of concentration. At the end of each day the human art-forms parade down the catwalk while photographers jostle for position in order to capture the perfect shot. There is big money at stake for the top three photos and award-winning artists.

Budding photographers can apply for one of a limited number of passes. The pass allows access to special, dedicated areas that are closer to the action with an unobstructed view. The best photos are subsequently published in a photo catalogue at the conclusion of the festival.

On the main days of the festival this Bodypaint City turns into an open-air art exhibition. From morning to night there is something to see in every corner of this small town. Beside the main categories during the day, the World UV Bodypainting Championship offers a little piece of magic in the nighttime. Using fluorescent colors and black light, the models literally glow during their presentation creating a visually stunning effect.

Music and Fashion

Music plays an important role in the festival and various venues showcase local and international bands, DJs and street musicians. The lake is a hotspot for party people in Austria and well known for its great events and parties. The party highlight during the festival week would have to be the Body Circus Fantasy Ball. Visitors come dressed in fantasy costumes, decorated with body paint, make up or masks to the castle Moosburg for a night of mystery and wonder. DJs, visual effects and fantastic artists entertain guests until the early morning hours.

The Body Art Fashion Show combines fashion and body painting in a very interesting way. Make-up artists create a 15-minute show about body art and style. Each day, two fashion designers get to show their collection on the runway.

Surprisingly Family Friendly

The festival event is open for both adults and children alike and has proven popular with families. While adults enjoy art and music, there are also many activities for kids. A face-painting tent for the little ones including a glitter contest and much more makes it something special for these aspiring young artists.

Traditionally the highlight of the final day is the big fireworks display and the legendary colorful after-show party.

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From the Organizer

Since 1998 the most colourful event in the world takes place in Carinthia, the wonderful south of Austria. The festival has a very long tradition and founded the modern bodypainting art movement. Artists from more than 50 different nations will do their best to stun and entertain visitors at the 20th anniversary of the World Bodypainting Festival, the world championships for Bodypainters. High quality Art creates a special experience for all visitors of the Open Air art park "Bodypaint City" combined with music and shows. The venue is situated in the inner city of the state capital Klagenfurt and framed picturesquely by the historical buildings of the theatre, the art house and the city gallery. Additionally this charming place offers a varied range of bars, cafés and restaurants, ideal possibilities for the WB Academy program and the side events. On the main days of the festival (Friday 28th - Sunday 30th July) the "Bodypaint City" turns into a unique and vivid Open Air art park. Daily from 11:00 am the visitors can look over the artists shoulders and until late at night uncountable art, music and show highlights take place. The World Bodypainting Festival defines itself as a full-time Open Air art park with attractions for the young and the old, therefore also the musical entertainment is an essential part. Different stages and areas of action with national, as well as international bands, street musicians and DJs are part of "Bodypaint.City". For further information and ticket options visit our homepage:

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