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ONE OF A KIND FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD, WHERE EXPERIMENTATION IS THE FOCUS FOR LEARNING Happiness as a new paradigm for human development When we realize that happiness is the ultimate goal of human development, as pure magic, what we do in life starts making sense. At Happiness Fest our higher purpose is to realize a world with more happiness and less misery, because when we are happy it is possible to be in peace, to achieve sustainable growth, that as human beings we are the best we can be. That's why we have created a unique Festival, an experience to feel, a gathering to learn how to ignite activities based on the science of happiness and well-being which help us at work, at home, and in society. Come. San Miguel de Allende The Indigenous culture, biological diversity, gastronomy and its energy make of San Miguel de Allende the magical place to celebrate happiness as a human right. The world will come together during the international week of happiness to go deeper into its roots, with a combination of psychology, medicine, economy, sociology, technology, science, spirituality, and the reason for "being". We'll choose to be happiness as a new paradigm for human development and lifestyle. Join.