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Buddhist Festivals 2017 - 2018 Calendar

Saidai-ji Eyo Hadaka Matsuri Okayama, Japan
Stockton Cambodian Buddhist Temple New Year Celebration Stockton, CA
US Kadampa Festival New York, NY
Waisak Magelang, Indonesia
Lotus Lantern Festival (Yeon Deung Hoe) Seoul, South Korea
Gangneung Danoje Gangneung, South Korea
Lantern Floating Hawaiʻi Honolulu, HI
BuddhaFest Los Angeles, CA
Portland Buddhist Festival Portland, OR
Buu Mon Garden Festival Port Arthur, TX
San Mateo Buddhist Temple Bazaar San Mateo, CA
Hemis Gompa Festival Jammu, India
Fresno Buddhist Temple Obon Festival Fresno, CA
San Jose Betsuin Obon Festival San Jose, CA
Gujō Odori Gujō, Japan
Buddhist Church of Sacramento Obon Celebration Sacramento, CA

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Seattle Betsuin Bon Odori Festival Seattle, WA
Lotus and Water Lily Cultural Festival Washington, DC
San Diego Bon Odori San Diego, CA
Las Vegas Buddhist Sangha Obon Festival Las Vegas, NV
Stockton Obon Odori & Cultural Bazaar Stockton, CA
Oakland Obon Festival Oakland, CA
Gardena Buddhist Church Obon Festival & Bon Odori Gardena, CA
Ginza Festival Chicago, IL
Shinzen Friendship Garden Toro Nagashi Fresno, CA
Awa Odori Tokushima, Japan
Esala Perahera Getambe, Sri Lanka
Chua Xa Loi Temple Summer Community Festival Frederick, MD
Pensacola Bon Odori Festival Pensacola, FL
Pensacola Bon Odori Festival Pensacola, FL

Buddhist Festivals Around the World

Millions of people across the planet Earth are pursuing the divine trail Buddhism founder Buddha Shakyamuni blazed over 2,000 years ago. From Japan to the United States, people are practicing Buddhism with love, peace and wisdom. And many cities celebrate this religion at festivals. There’s Esala Perahera in Getambe, Sri Lanka, one of the oldest Buddhist festivals in Sri Lanka; and there’s Yeon Deung Hoe (Lotus Lantern Festival) in Seoul, South Korea, where monks dance, lanterns glow and the celebration is capped with the Daedong Celebration. Many cities celebrate Obon festivals that feature Bon Odori dancing. And since this beautiful, peaceful religion is worldwide, it might be easier than you’d expect to find a Buddhist festival nearby.

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